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Daniel Pearl
World Music Days

The article below is posted here at the request of Judea Pearl, in memory of Daniel Pearl and in hope for a better future for all peoples. Judea Pearl is co-editor of “I am Jewish: Personal Reflections Inspired by the Last Words of Daniel Pearl” (Jewish Lights, 2004), winner of the National Jewish Book Award.

Daniel Pearl was a journalist who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan while investigating the case of a convicted shoe bomber. The Foundation seeks to continue Daniel Pearl's mission and uphold his principles which included: uncompromised objectivity and integrity; insightful and unconventional perspective; tolerance and respect for people of all cultures; unshaken belief in the effectiveness of education and communication; and the love of music, humor, and friendship.

The question arises, what does this have to do with Zionism? The answer is everything. An article by Judea Pearl explains why attacking Zionism (i.e. anti-Zionism) is Racism. Zionists should not only stand against anti-Zionist but against others forms of racism as well. How do we do this? The Pearl foundation in Daniel's name offers one path through the Daniel Pearl World Music Days. Famed jazz innovator Herbie Hancock, summed up the spirit behind the Daniel Pearl World Music Days, "Join me in using the universal language of music to diminish hatred, respect differences and reach out in friendship."

Zionism on the web urge our readers incorporate any events they have in this worthy cause. Advancing peace, respects and dignity for all peoples requires no more than a few minutes of your time.

Fifth Annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days

Jazz and Blues News,
September 21, 2006

Elton John Joins Musicians Worldwide

The Daniel Pearl Foundation announced that Elton John will join hundreds of amateur and professional musicians from around the world who are registering to participate in the fifth annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days, which takes place October 6-15. The event is intended to promote unity and tolerance through the universal language of music.

This year's participants currently include: -- Elton John performances from October 6 - 15 -- Symphony orchestras in London, South Africa, Israel, Los Angeles, Qatar, Alabama and New Hampshire -- Neo soul artist Nya Jade performing in New York City -- The world premiere of Steve Reich's "Daniel Variations" at Barbican Centre, London and Carnegie Hall, New York -- "Bo Diddley and Friends" in Louisiana -- A performance by Lamajamal at the Chicago World Music Festival -- The Festival of India featuring Sitar and Sarod presented by the World Music Institute in New York City -- Hollywood Interfaith Choir Festival -- Javed Bashir & Troupe premier performance in Karachi, Pakistan -- Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Youth Performance in San Francisco

"We are honored that Elton John is once again participating in Daniel Pearl World Music Days, " said Ruth Pearl, Daniel's mother and founding member of the Daniel Pearl Foundation. "Elton John is truly one of the world's foremost musical artists and his participation has helped us build an international network of concerts dedicated to bridging cultural divides and promoting tolerance through the universal language of music."

Judea Pearl, Daniel's father and president of the Daniel Pearl Foundation, added, "Danny was a talented musician and principled journalist who connected with all cultures and found magic in every person. World Music Days, which commemorates Danny's Oct. 10 birthday, is his legacy to unite people in a stand for sanity and humanity. To participate, we simply ask that the participants say a few words from the stage or in the program in affirmation of the principles for which Danny stood."

Dedicating his song "Daniel" to World Music Days in 2004, Elton John said "I'd like to dedicate this song to the memory of Daniel Pearl who was a journalist who was brutally murdered while doing his job in the bravest of circumstances and to recognize those journalists who do go out in the forefront of danger."

Famed jazz innovator Herbie Hancock, summed up the spirit behind the events in a recent public service announcement, "Join me in using the universal language of music to diminish hatred, respect differences and reach out in friendship."

Participation entails no financial obligations and online registration is open to all genre. Past participants include Elton John, R.E.M., Yo-Yo Ma, Cheb i Sabbah, DJ Jeremy Sole, Michael Franti, Los Lobos, the Arab-Israeli Orchestra of Nazareth, and many others. This year, artists in Slovakia, Egypt, Taiwan, Israel, Pakistan, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, El Salvador, Mexico, China, Qatar, India, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Canada, Australia, United States, New Zealand and Taiwan have already registered, with hundreds more expected.

Daniel Pearl

Daniel Pearl

Daniel Pearl, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, was kidnapped and murdered by Islamic militants in Pakistan in 2002. One week after his death, Pearl's family established a foundation to preserve his legacy.

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