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Zionism and its relationship to Israel, Palestine and the wider Middle East

Zionism Defined

Zionism is the belief in a Jewish homeland for the Jewish people, in Israel.

It is the Jewish people's instantiation of the basic human right of self determination.

What is Zionism?

There are many definitions of Zionism, but the key point remains that expressed in the box above; a homeland for the Jewish people in Israel.

Some try and paint Zionism as evil incarnate, claiming a Jewish homeland is a racist concept and involves a country for one ethnic group / religion. This is nonsense, at least as far as Zionism and Israel and concerned (Saudi Arabia by contrast DOES insist no religion but Islam can be practised and Jews are not allowed in the country). Since it's earliest days leaders of the Zionist movement have called for the integration of Arab population in Israel. About 20% of the Israeli population is not Jewish, putting an instant lie to this claim.

The only reference "supporting" this view is charter of Hamas, which is at the end of the day a terrorist organisation. The HAmas charter claims that the goal of Zionism was to expand and slowly take over all of the Arab countries in the Middle East. They base this on the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", an antisemitic forgery used by the Nazis and others to justify killing Jews. When you see these sorts of claims made about Israel you can have a fair idea of their source and the huge impact such propoganda has had in the past and in some places continues to have. Read more about anti-Zionist groups and their propoganda

The roots of Zionism

The roots of Zionism go back to the first exile when the Babylonians invaded Israel in 586 BCE. The Jews returned, but in 70 CE the Romans invaded. The Jews, seeking their independance staged a revolt against Roman rule. In the Bar Kochba revolt of 132-135 CE about half a million Jews were killed by the Romans. The Jews were again exiled, though they continued to yearn for Zion (Jerusalem), pray facing the site of the temple, and include Israel in their hope dreams and prayers.

You can read more in our brief into, or look at our History of Zionism.

Human Rights

While there is always opposition to government policies (from any government, in any age), and this is right and proper, some people when it comes to Israel take this a huge step further.

These people do not believe that Jews deserve human rights. These people are against the very existance of Israel, the homeland for the Jewish people. These people spend their time spreading hate.

We call these people antisemites. This is not just our definition, but consistent with the European Union definition of antisemitism. You can see more in our resources on antisemitism.

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External Sources

Recommended sources on Zionism

On the subject of Zionism we recommend the following sites:

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US Library of congress on Zionism
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Zionism advocacy sites
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