Internet Warfare, online warefare, and the war on the web

An electronic intifada against Israel and the Jewish people

Internet Warfare

An electronic intifada against Israel and the Jewish people

The role of the internet in the war against Israel

This specialised collection of material featuring commentry and reports on internet warfare, i.e. use of the internet as a propaganda tool, the actions and impact of politically motivated hackers, and the use of web based information, web 2.0 social media, and online information to aid terrorism. While we have provided links here to key material hosted else where on this site, the interested reader may wish to view some of these other sections as well.

Other collections with some relevance include:

The Internet Warfare collection

Israel's cyber warriors   By Lucy Tobin, The Jewish Chronicle, Feb 12, 2009
Zionism On The Web is commended as "One of the best" websites for internet activist.

Google Earth highlights the 'Nakba'   By Stephanie Rubenstein, Jerusalem Post, July 1st 2008
Anti-Israel activity on the Google Earth application has been stepped up this week, with the message "Nakba - The Palestinian Catastrophe" now appearing when users scroll over the orange dots that speckle locations across the entire map of Israel.

Google Earth: A New Platform for Anti-Israel Propaganda and Replacement Geography   By Dr Andre Oboler, Jerusalem Issue Briefs, Vol. 8, No. 5, 26 June 2008
Google Earth is littered with orange dots, which claim to represent destroyed Palestinian villages. Israel is depicted as a state born out of colonial conquest rather than the return of a people from exile. This use of Google Earth for anti-Israel propoganda is examined.

The Electronic Intifada, CAMERA, Wikipedia incident

The following articles are all related to this topic

Introduction: the Wikipedia, Electronic Intifada and CAMERA story  
By Andre Oboler, Zionism On The Web, May 14 2008

In April the online Palestinian advocacy group Electronic Intifada released a story stating that CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) a pro-Israel media monitoring group was attempting to take over wikipedia. This collection of articles reveals Electronic Intifada's use and manipulation of Wikipedia to attack CAMERA, promote their content and "point of view" and use the administrative process at wikipedia to first ban members of CAMERA and then increase some of these bans so they become perminent. While Electronic Intifada present CAMERA's actions as a new and serrious threat to Wikipedia, research shows that Palestinian advocates have been using the same tactics for years unchecked.

Electronic Intifada's Manipulation  
By Andre Oboler, Zionism On The Web, May 14 2008

Electronic Intifada wrote the story, boasted publically to a member of CAMERA's Wikipedia group, then sought to have CAMERA listed as an unreliable source. This was probably the extent of damage Electronic Intifada originally planned, however events soon moved forward as Wikipedia administrators started to react to the story. Electronic Intifada nurtured the fears of Wikipedia administrators and sought to work with some in order to impose penalties on members of CAMERA.

Evidence of the secret Palestinian group  
By Andre Oboler, Zionism On The Web, May 14 2008

The penalties imposed on members of the CAMERA group were harsh in part because it was argued that this was a new threat to Wikipedia and an example needed to be made. The feeling was that recruiting people from within grass roots advocacy organisations, enlisting experienced editors to help, and having the discussions outside of wikipedia could all contribute in a way that went against the nature of wikipedia. This was naive. Our research shows past attenpts, by Palestinian advocates, some of whom commented and pushed for sanctions in the CAMERA case, that meet all of these criteria. The admins considering the case found some of this information too, their attempts to investigate did the equivalent of starting the shredding machines.

Back Story on Wiki Project Palestine  
By Andre Oboler, Zionism On The Web, May 15 2008

This article explains how I first became concerned about Wiki Project Palestine.

Wikipedians for Palestine: Further facts  
By Andre Oboler, Zionism On The Web, May 15 2008

The evidence that there was a secret pro-Palestinian group off Wikipedia has been presented here. In this article we examine actions surrounding a user who is a member of this group and a member of Wiki Project Palestine. We provide details of on Wikipedia recruitment tactics for the off Wikipedia group, and evidence of the use of Project Palestine to target articles and influence Wikipedia democracy.

Exposed - Anti-Israeli Subversion on Wikipedia  
By Andre Oboler & Honest Reporting staff, Honest Reporting, May 14 2008

A special report from Honest Reporting, co-authored by Zionism On The Web's Dr Andre Oboler examins the issue in depth.

Wiki-Warfare: Battle for the on-line encyclopedia  
By Andre Oboler, Jerusalem Post, May 13 2008

The issue of warfare on Wikipedia is introduced, along with the role of Palestinian activists in manipulating Wikipedia

MidEast Wars hits Wikipedia  
By Tamar Snyder, The Jewish Week, May 14 2008

Tamar Snyder gives additional background, citing the Honest Reporting special report and interviewing key commentators including Zionism On The Web's Dr Andre Oboler.

Israel, Facebook and National Security   By Dr Andre Oboler, Jerusalem Post, April 24th 2008
Zionism On The Web's CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, explains the security risk from IDF soldiers photos on Facebook and how Israel should approach the problem.

Online Antisemitism 2.0, Social Antisemitism on the Social Web   By Dr Andre Oboler, The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, March / April 2008
This report introduces and defines Antisemitism 2.0, where web 2.0 is used to spread the social acceptability of antisemitism. The report focuses on Facebook and Google Earth.

Antisemitism 2.0 going largely unchallenged   By Tamar Snyder, The New York Jewish Week, Febuary 20 2008
Based on interviews with Andre Oboler, the Antisemitism 2.0 draft report and original research, Tamar Snyder examined antisemitism on the web and how the Jewish community is responding.

A false prospectus on campus   By Dr Andre Oboler, The Guardian, Comment is Free, February 15 2008
'Anti-apartheid week' is a crass misappropriation of an honourable anti-racist campaign of the past for the sinister purpose of demonising Israel.

Online Antisemitism: Facing up to the 'Facebook' dilemma   By Andre Oboler, Jerusalem Post, 6 February 2008
Israel politicians have been pushing for 'young people' to use technology to combat antisemitism. The young people must be provided with professional support, funding, resources and research. Left unsupported young people will find it hard to engage and online antisemitism will grow.

Hackers: The attack archive   By Andre Oboler, Zionism On The Web
We first heard about Team Evil when Stand With Us contacted us about an attack on EUJS's website. The attack has caused some concern coming right before an EUJS conference.

The return of SIMBAR: Cyber-terrorism methodology   By Kfir Damari and Andre Oboler
This report is a case study on "Team Evil", a group of hackers actively attacking Israeli and pro-Israel websites in order to make a political statement around the time of the Second Lebanon War. This report examins the tools, messages and approach of the hackers.

Hackers and the European Union of Jewish Students  
We first heard about Team Evil when Stand With Us contacted us about an attack on EUJS's website. The attack has caused some concern coming right before an EUJS conference.

Case Study: A Cyber-terrorism Attack, Analysis and Response [external link]   By Kfir Damari, Ami Chayun and Gadi Evron (Members of the SecuriTeam Group at Beyond Security)
In early July 2006 hundreds of attacks were launched against pro-Israeli Internet servers following political tensions from activity in Gaza. These attacks were executed by the Moroccan hacking group “Team Evil”. This report covers the exploitation, response, and strategic analysis.

Crisis 2007 - Google  By Andre Oboler, Zionism On The Web Special, Jan. 15th, 2006
This article updates readers on the growing problem of racist sites ranking highly in Google, misleading students and the public and spreading racism.

New Website Incites Electronic Jihad  Jamestown's Terrorism Focus Volume 3, Issue 38 (October 3, 2006)
New website seeks to coordinate hacking attacks for Islam

On Google, Jews, Zionism and the problem Andre Oboler, for ZionismOnTheWeb

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