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Us vs Team Evil

A website promoting discussion vs hackers against free speech

Team Evil takes us on

Hackers who have taken down the Israeli government gateway and other high profile sites in the past started a campaign that took down almost a thousand Israeli sites before they began attacking pro-Israel sites and Jewish groups.

This is our story as we learn about them and try to keep our website (specifically the blogs and forums) online. You can read more in part 2

"Team-Evil Arab hackers" go anti-Zionism

It's easy to argue over names. But I'm not going. If "Team-Evil Arab hackers" is what these guys want to call themselves, that'll do for me. This group have taken down over 750 Israeli servers, and not content have now started targetting Jewish servers mentioning Zionism.

Jerusalem Post have an article on them. The connection with Zionism on the Web started when the the European Union of Jewish Students server was taken down. ZionismOnTheWeb was included in the initial round of e-mails and helped assess the risk and severity of the problem.Zionism On The Web hacked by Team Evil

We then backed up our servers. 48 hours later, we were hit. Having found multiple scripts runing on the server, we began disabling them before the site was defaced. Removing all those we found and upgrading some software left us feeling relativly safe. It didn't last.

A few hours after reporting the site cleaned up, our forums, blogs, and photo gallery were defaced exactly the same way as EUJS.

Through the night we battled with Team Evil. We plugged gaps and restricted access, they opened a new gap and injected php scripts. Eventually with the aid of our ISP we restored completly from the back up and rapidly reimplemented fixes. This threw them, but only for an hour or two. Soon the blogs were down again.

Zionism On The Web hacked by Team EvilIn a last ditch effort, we disabled the blogs. The forums (which now seemed secure) went as well while we checked them (and manually disabled code that had a security flaw). They found other holes but we seem to have slowly limited how much control they have. In the first attacks they just changed the forums name so it included html that rdirected the page. In the second attack (after we restored) they changed a number of configuration fields to give various anti Israel messages. In the Third attack they wiped all our users, repacing them with an insult to Israel (repeated in every field). In the fourth attack they emptied the database. In the fifth attack they deleted the database entirely. We've ofcourse restored thing again. The positive side is they can't keep us down, the negetive is that soem posts will get lost when restore. Appologies for that.


For those that are interested, all the early attacks originated from the Saudi Network Information Center, ISU, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. The Internet Services Unit (ISU) is the department of King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST) responsible for providing Internet services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We banned those and eventually they started hitting us from else where.

The report on team evil and their verified hack list. Last time I looked their most recent attack was on an Israeli charity fighting poverty. This time it was on various peace sites. Well done guys. Must make you feel so proud of yourselves.

You can comment on this article or on team evil generally in the "Hacked" Topic in our Zionism forums.

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