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Introduction to Christian Zionism

Christian Zionism Supporting Israel: Christian Zionism supporting the Jewish people

The Christian Zionist Hated of the World, Blessed of God

By Mikael Knighton, at Christians Standing with Israel, 2007
Reproduced at Zionism On The Web with permission from Christians Standing with Israel

"Christian Zionism": Some folks, unaware of the term's definition, never get past its pronunciation before walking the other way. "It sounds so extreme and fanatical.", they'll undoubtedly retort. The ill-informed will often ask, "What does 'Zionism' have to do with being a Christian?" The answer is quite simple, as you will soon see, and once Christians begin focusing less on the nomenclature, and more on the true, literal meaning of what it means to be a "Christian Zionist", they will soon realize that these are a blessed group of people.

Christian Zionists are "blessed" because they bless. They bless because they love His people, and in doing so, are hated for it.

Christian Zionism: Defined

Although the term "Zionism" is considered a political movement in secular circles, it is entirely biblical in nature.

Zionists seek to support, facilitate and advance the return of the Jewish people and sovereignty to their native homeland--the land of Israel. Christians who see the regathering of the Jewish people in their land, as well as the establishment of the sovereign nation of Israel in 1948, as the literal fulfillment of biblical prophecy are known as "Christian Zionists". Christian Zionists see the Jewish people as the "apple of God's eye"--His Chosen people, and hold firm that God's promises, established in the Abrahamic Covenant, remain in effect today.

Christian Zionists are "Biblical advocates" for the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Furthermore, they stand in firm, diametrical opposition to land concessions of any sort which involve the forfeiture of the holy land of Israel as it is a sacred manifestation of the promises of God to the people He calls the "apple of His eye".

Christian Zionists also seek to stand with Israel, showing her unconditional support, solidarity and love whilst praying for her spiritual return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who "foreknew" her.

Despised by the World

You see, you may have been a Christian Zionist and were completely unaware of it.

However, let this in no way be unclear: We, as Christian Zionists, are hated by those who would advance a doctrine that seeks to rid His Land of His People. We are hated for our beliefs and the God we serve. We are loathed for the love that we show to "the apple of God's eye". We are persecuted for the people--His people, with whom we stand. Indeed, we are chastised because we cherish our Jewish brothers and sisters. We are the bold recipients of threats because, make no mistake, we are a threat--a cancer for which there is no cure, to the sworn enemies of the Holy One of Israel. We are targeted because we teach a Truth that is real. We are reviled because we rejoice in the realization that He who is in us "is greater than He who is in the world."

Christian Zionists, may you wear these things--every single one of them, as badges of honor. For as you are hated disgracefully by the world, you are blessed and beloved exponentially by He who "overcame the world".

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by Mikael Knighton, Christians Standing with Israel, 2007

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