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Neturei Karta, rense, PSM, ISM and other anti-Zionist.
Who are they? What do they say?

Who are

Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood
Neturei Karta (NK)
International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
Washington Report
Palestinian Solidarity Movement (PSM)
Rense Website
Jews not Zionists (NK front)
True Torah Jews against Zionism
Dark Web Pages
Zionism Explained
Anti-Zionist Academics
President of Iran
Historical Review Press
library. flawlesslogic.com

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The anti-Zionism Resource Center

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Anti-Zionist or Non-Zionist?

Here's the question: anti-Zionist or non-Zionist, is there a difference? The answer is yes. A Zionist is someone who supports the existance of a State of Israel as a Jewish Home Land (where Jews and others can live). A non-Zionist is one is not a Zionist. An anti-Zionist is someone who activly disputes the fact that Israel has a right to exist. Note that this is not the same as disagreeing with one or more Israeli government policies, it;s more like supporting the President of Iran's calls to wipe Israel off the map. One can disagree with the actions of Israel as a state without being against the state's right to exist, and the right of the Jewish people to have their home land. Often though anti-Zionism is a mask for antisemitism and anti-Zionists will regurgitate antisemitic propoganda that was used in Nazi Germany, just changing "Zionist" or "Jew". Arguments against "the Zionists" as often supported by "evidence" from antisemitic propoganda such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or through classic antisemitism such as blood liable. There is a huge difference between speaking out against Israeli policy you disagree with and falling in with a racist crowd and adopting their arguments.

Anti-Zionist or Antisemitism?

Believing that human rights (such as self determination) do not extend to the Jewish people is Antisemitic. It's disturbing when people claim that the Jewish people do not have human rights based on a selective understanding of human rights themselves. Or perhaps it is the definition of human they exclude Jews from? For antisemitism there is always a loop hole, and in the end it is always the Jews who get blamed.

That's not the whole story though. While it is hard to be anti-Zionist with out being antisemitic (there are a few non antisemitic positions but these are quite rare!) it is quite possible to be antisemitic and but not anti-Zionist. Groups who want to kick all the Jews out of their own countries some times support the idea of sending them "home" to Israel. Such groups also support sending people who are Black "home" to Africa.

The groups and their arguments

Please see thelist of groups on the left and the list of anti-Zionist arguments on the right. Not all groups make all arguments. Grouysp that are listed do not believe Israel has a right to exist, or activly work for measures to destroy the state of Israel. The list includes a number of websites with antisemitic material... as policy we do not link to antisemitic sites, but we will explain WHY they are antisemitic and what they are attempting to do. To work to a fair standard we use the European Commission's definition of antisemitism. This definition is used by law enfourcement across Europe.



I'm against Zionists not Jews
Zionism = Racism
Zionism = Nazism
Zionism = Apartheid
Zionism = Imperialism
Zionism Control the Media
Zionism Control the Banks
Zionism Control America
Zionists call criticism Antisemitism
Zionism causes Antisemitism
Zionism causes Islamophobia
Zionism Denys Free Speech
Zionists want to take over the world
Next you'll say I'm racists!

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