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Do Zionist control the Media?

Discussing the myth that Zionists control the Media or indeed that Jews control the media

Zionists Media Control

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Jews control the media is a Far Right Myth recently adopted (but often adjusted to "Zionists control the media") by the far left as well. Media control is one part the antisemitic conspiracy theories that Jews control the world, something pushed by the protocols of the elders of Zion and used by both Tzarist Russia and the Nazis to justify attacks on Jews.

The Jews control the media originally started with the far right, Fascism needed a group to scape goat. The more recent rise of the Zionist control the media myth in the far left is a combination of coding Jews as Zionists or Israel, and a scape goating of Israel for the faults of Imperialism (typically British Imperialism). This is pushed by Arab groups in an attempt to get favourable press coverage and discredit Israel in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It must be stressed though that this is a narative picked up from far right propoganda, along with the myth that Zionists control the banks or more traditionally that Jews control the Banks for example.

The UK

The use of the antisemitic myth that Zionists control the media, or that Jews control the media, can be seen by politicians on both the far right and far left in the UK.

Nick Griffin and the British National Party (BNP)

One of the most noteworthy antisemitic publications in the UK is based on the myth the Jews control the media. "Who Are the Mind-Benders" was written by Nick Griffin and Mark Deavin, for the BNP. The BNP have been described by the BBC as "Britain's only serious far-right political party" (29 June, 2001). Despite attempts to clean up the BNP's racist image, Prof Griffin (no relation) of Oxford Brooks notes "there is essentially a Nazi-style hatred of racial inferiors." In addition to pushing the myth that JEws control the media, Nick Griffin has announced himself as a Holocaust denier.

"Who are the Mind Benders?" was written in 1997 and according to the BBC "outlined a Jewish conspiracy to brainwash the British people in their own 'homeland'". In 1998, Nick Griffin was found guilty of distributing material likely to incite racial hatred and received a two-year suspended sentence.

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George Galloway and Respect Party

Anti-Israel politician George Galloway has promoted the myth that Zionists control the media, on Al-Jazeera television (after being incorrectly introduced as a former member of parliment) he replied “I am still a member of parliament and was re-elected five times. On the last occasion I was re-elected despite...the newspapers and news media which are controlled by Zionism.”

Mark Gardner, Director of Communications at the UK's Community Security Trust, said: “This is despicable language for a Member of Parliament to use. Suggestions of Jewish media control can only give encouragement to anti-semites of every type.”

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The United States

The myth that Jews control the media is alive and well in the USA as well. The Racist magazine "National Vanguard" says that "Jewish control of the American mass media is the single most important fact of life, not just in America, but in the whole world today". It lists "Jews" (some of whom aren't even Jewish!) in all sorts of position in the media and claims this proves that Jews control the media. If you accept their reasoning a similar claim could be made that women control the media, people with blue eyes control the media or that those with red hair control the media.

The site JewWatch takes a different track. They take media headlines such as "Jews Control the Media and Rule America" from obscure publications and twist quotes from the Jewish media (that play up Jewish success stories) into allegations that Jews control the media. They also list the Jews in top jobs in the American Media, and suprise suprise, use very similar languge and quotes to the "National Vanguard" article that attempts to prove that Jews control the media.

In America the Jews Control the Media myth is seen i it's more traditional form. The Zionists Control the MEdia version hardly gets a mention. This perhaps says more about the influence of antisemitism in the British left than it does about the American far right. The British left have also adapted the message saying that Zionists control America, a strange combination of anti-American sentiment and the Zionists Control the Media myth.

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