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The idea of Jews controling America is linked to the rise of the Neo-conservative movement in America. David Horowitz, a purported leading Neo-conservative thinker in America explained "Today neo-conservatism identifies those who believe in an aggressive policy against radical Islam and the global terrorists." Given this definition it is unsuprising that American Neo-conservative's tend to support Israel which is on the front line with both radical Islam and terrorism.

Some in America use the American neo-con interest in Israel out of context, suggesting that rather than America's Interests, the American Neo-Cons are after Israel's interest in and of themself. They point to the relatively large proportion of Jewish neoconservatives in America, and have raised the question of "dual loyalty", i.e. whether Jews would be more loyal to America or Israel. What makes this especially hard to swallow is that Communism (diametrically opposed to Zionism) made the same claim as some in America are now making. It really is amazing how Jews (and by extention Zionists) can be accused by both sides, yet some in America refuse to seem the racism in such accusations.

In America a number of American critics, such as Pat Buchanan and Juan Cole, have accused American neo-con's of putting Israeli interests above those of America. This same line of argument was used in the Dreyfus Affair involved the wrongful conviction of Jewish military officer Alfred Dreyfus for treason. The case caused a political scandal and divided France through the 1890s and early 1900s. It is more generally an accusation leveled at Jews through history by their political oponents or anti-semitic detractors. America today is no different.

Neo-nazi conspiracy theorists in America such as David Duke have attacked neoconservatism in America as advancing 'Jewish interests.' Such attacks have used classic anti-Semitic imagery and themes.

Jew Media Control

The myth that Jews control America's media (a specialisation of the Jews control the media myth) is often behind the Jews Control America myth. The US racist magazine "National Vanguard" says that "Jewish control of the American mass media is the single most important fact of life, not just in America, but in the whole world today". It lists American "Jews" (some of whom aren't even Jewish, other aren't American) in all sorts of position in the America's media and claims this as proof of Jews control of America's media. A similar claim could be made that women control the media in America, people with blue eyes control the media in America or that those with red hair control the media in America. All of course nonsense, just liek the claim that Jews control the Media or that Jews control America.

The site JewWatch also talks about Jewish Media Control of America. They even found a headline "Jews Control the Media and Rule America", a bit of hyperbole from an obscure magazine. No doubt it is gettign much more publicity now then it ever did in print.

See more on the Jews control the media myth / the zionists control the media myth.

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