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Situation Report

The following the main news article from the font page of this site during the Hizbollah-Israel conflict in 2006. The article was written in Jerusalem as the conflict deepened in both Israel and Lebanon. You can also read a more personal account on the Hizbollah-Israel conflict at our external blog and view a discussion between civilians on both sides at our forums.

The Syrian backed terrorist group Hizbollah's war on Israel

Hizbollah, acting as a long arm of Syria and Iran has now fired about 2,000 rockets at Israeli cities including Haifa, one of Israel's most populated cities. A few weeks ago when a few regular rounds of misiles weren't enough to provoke an Israel reaction, Hizbollah crossed into Israel, killed a border patrol unit, kidnapped 2 soldiers and intensified its misile attacks. Israel has been forced to respond, defend its children and its hope for a brighter future with Lebanon.

There is a mutually recognised border with Lebanon recognised under international law, leaving no excuse for the attacks over the last six years or this current increased provocation. Hizbollah however, takes orders directly from Syria (which has occupied Lebanon for many years until the international community forced them out... leaving Hizbollah to act on their behalf). Iran too has a stake in Hizbollah and has triggered the current crisis to deflect attention from its nuclear program. Hizbollah is a terrorist organisation according to the European Union, the United States and others, and there is a binding UN Security Council resolution (#1559) calling for them to be disarmed and for Lebanon and not Syria to control Lebanese teritory in the South.

Israel wants a strong Lebanon that can remove the proxy Syrian occupation by Hizbollah in Southern Lebanon. A strong Lebanon is good for the Lebanese and Israeli economies and regional stability. Without Hizbollah attacks, a peaceful future for both Israel and Lebanon becomes possible. In the meantime, Hizbollah in breach of international law hides it's misiles in schools and community buildings - making children human shields and putting their lives at risk! Israel has asked Lebanese civilians to leave, and many have. Israel has opted to hit rocket stock piles, and the roads they are transported on while trying to minimize civilian casualties. Recently it has hit new misiles on route from Syria while they were in transport. As long as Hizbollah violates international law and human rights by hiding wepons behind children, and continues to use those wepons to target Israeli civilians, Israel will be forced to respond and Lebanese children's lives will be sacrifised by Hizbollah - just like the two Palestinian childred Hizbollah murdered with a rocket attack the other week.

For the sake of the future and a long lasting peace Hizbollah must be disarmed. For the sake of tomorrows children in Lebanon and Israel we hope a stable peace comes soon.

A family at the beach in Israel, note the helicopters in the sky... they're need to pretect ordinary people's safty as they do ordinary things like take a day out at the Tel-Aviv beach

A day at the beach during the war

Note the Helicopters in the background at this family's day out at the beach. Welcome to Israel where nothing can be taken forgranted, not even on a sunny day at the sand and sea