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Thoughtful articles about Zionism, anti-Zionism and the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.

Also see our collection on The Palestinian state

Condoleezza Rice's world view  Joel Fishman, Makor Rishon, October 2007
The Attitudinal Prism of Condoleezza Rice . The article discusses Dr Rice's world view which compares the Palestinians with Afro-Americans and the peaceful civil rights movement - flawed analogy as Joel explains.

Israel and Gaza beach - when politics trumps human rights  Gerald Steinberg, ON LINE opinion, 23 June 2006
Gaza beach and how NGOs and the media jumped to the wrong conclusions and then pushed them without evidence

Report on "Holocaust in the Holyland Week" Allyson Rowen Taylor, Zionism On The Web, May 22, 2006
A report on three days at UC Irvine as a witness to hate speech and gross misrepresentations of Jews, Israeli's Americans and Zionists

Anti-Israel hard left of Israeli Academia and it's attacks on Israeli Heros Steven Plaut, The Jewish Press, March 16, 2006
The left in Europe like to quote Jews or even better Israelis to show they are being "fair". Israeli like any other country has those with extreme views. This article shows what some of them have been up to since the failed boycott attempts.

Israel, Campus Unreality and Democratic Reality Joseph Tartakovsky, The Proposition, December 2004
The context of the attack on Israel that is taking place on campus, Israel's relationship with America and a glimpse at the social background the state sits upon

A safer campus Andre Oboler et al, ZOTW, December, 2005
A resource document to inform a Student Union Council before a vote to ban to the British National Party from Campus, contains a bunch of useful documents and information

SOAS and LSE Swings and Roundabouts  Gavin Gross, ZOTW, November 22, 2005
A report on the situation in the streets of London for Jewish students and the prospects for understanding.

British Media Bias fuels hate, not peace Andre Oboler, ZOTW, November 7, 2005

Shoah Denier Squares Off With Jewish Agency Aide Nathaniel Popper, at The Forward, October 28, 2005

Rachel Corrie, Rachel Thaler and many other Rachels besides 

Comparison of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict with Apartheid South Africa Shimon Zachary Klein
These days it is becoming very popular to compare the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with apartheid South Africa prior to 1994. This article explains both situations and perverseness of such a comparison.

The myth of international law Gerald M Steinberg The Jerusalem Post, Oct. 15, 2005
Has international law has become another weapon in political warfare, without any moral authority?

Muslim antisemitism and anti-Zionism explained Denis MacEoin provides a history of Muslim attitudes to Jews and the background to Islamic antisemitism and anti-Zionism, a ZOTW feature

Irene Lancaster is alarmed by the anti-Semitism that she finds in the Church of England Irene Lancaster, the Church Times, August 19th,2005

Academic Freedom and the AUT Boycott Campaign: Examining the Lessons Prof Gerald Steinberg, National Postgraduate Committee (UK) Annual Conference, August 12 2005

Letter to Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London   the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Shortly after the BOD joined the Mayor of London in mourning for the dead of the London blasts, the Mayor went on public record stating that terrorist attacks in Israel were acceptable and completly different from attacks in London. This is the BODs reply to the mayor's comments.

Why I am A Zionist Gil Troy The Montreal Gazette, 26 April 2001

Anti-Zionism is Racism Judea Pearl, The New York Jewish Week,  2005

Israel Zionism and the Church Prof Paul C Merkely , the campaign of the Churches is against Israel's very right to exist

On Google, Jews, Zionism and the problem Andre Oboler, for ZionismOnTheWeb

Zionism is not a 'settler-colonial undertaking' David Hoffman , Mail & Guardian (South Africa), 28 June 2005

A forum explanation of Zionism Transc3ndent , an Israeli corrects the misconceptions in a forum

Zionism and Race Fred Foldvary, The Progress Report,  2001
Do not treat Israel like apartheid South Africa Ian Buruma, The Guardian, July 23, 2002

Needed: Real Zionist Education, Not Hasbara Gil Troy Jewish Education Winter 2002-2003

Reclaiming Zionism's Good Name and Proud History: A Challenge for the Jewish Intelligencia  Gil Troy Scholars for Peace in the Middle East Online Digest - 11.2.03

Self-critical without self-loathing  Gil Troy The Canadian Jewish News Internet Edition - August 27, 2003

Language as a tool against Jews and Israel  Manfred Gerstenfeld, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, February 1, 2004

Why I am against the AUT Israel Boycott of Israeli Universities John Strawson, Engage, May 4, 2005

Urban Kibbutz - Socialist-Zionist Pioneering in Israeli Cities Spring 2005

Reinventing the Israeli Cooperative Eetta Prince-Gibson, Na'amat, Spring 2005

Growing up Palestinian in the Israeli "Occupation" - Sarah El-Shazly Arabs for Israel, December 18, 2004

The Twilight Zone - Sarah El-Shazly Arabs for Israel, January 8, 2005

The Jews started the war  - Again - Ami Isseroff, Zionism on the Web - June 27, 2005

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