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"While there are honorable Anti-Zionist positions they are few. On the whole Anti-Zionism is close to, or a mask for, Anti-Semitism."
by John Strawson re: the 2005 UK Boycott of Israeli Universities

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Archbishop Tutu, please be fair

Maurice Ostroff reports on Archbishop Desmond Tutu's appointment as head of the UN fact-finding mission into the deaths of Palestinians at Beit Hanun. While finding the decision a logical choice in light of his record as chairman of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Committee, Maurice questions if he can overcome his long held anti-Israel bias, a result of historic links between Tutu's ANC and the Palestinians PLO. He highlights the critical differences Tutu should consider between the South African and Palestinian situations.

Under attack online?

In an interesting twist, a website called Electronic Jihad has been launched to coordinating Hacker Jihad using a tools they've developed. The tool allows supporters to take part in DDOS attacks... but also allows law enforcement to monitor them and may lead to some arrests.

Selected Articles

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Team-Evil Arab hackers

A ZionismOnTheWeb Special Archive
By August 2006 this anti-Israel hacker group had taken down over 750 Israeli servers, and not content had started targetting Jewish servers mentioning Zionism. Our blogs and the forums were attacked a number of times. Together with an Israeli computer security company we tracked the hackers activities and tools. You can read about it in the Team Evil case Study(mirror). You can also see our initial story on Team Evil or post your own experience in the Hacked Topic in our Zionism forums.

Hezbollah's war on Israel

A ZionismOnTheWeb Special
Our report on including discussion from civilians in both Israel and Lebanon.

Palestinian State: Will There Be a Palestinian Civil War?

Pinhas Inbari, Jerusalem Issue Brief 25 June 2006
Is Hamas in the Iranian-Syrian orbit or the Palestinian one? Do they know?

Holocaust in the Holyland

Allyson Rowen Taylor
A report on three days at UC Irvine as a witness to hate speech and gross misrepresentations of Jews, Israeli's Americans and Zionists

A Safer Campus

Andre Oboler et al
A resource document compiled before a vote to ban to the British National Party (a far right political group with a history of neo-Nazism) from a UK Campus

Jewish self determination

An introduction to the real meaning of Zionism, and the purpose of Israel. Israel is a Jewish state, much as Britain in a Christian one. Israel is not a state just for Jews, it never has been. What Israel wants are secure borders and peace with her neighbours - including a Palestinian State

A report on events at SOAS from Gavin Gross

When Anti-Israel bias gets out of hand on UK campuses

Letter over appointment

NGO Monitor
Durban Conference anti-Zionism organiser appointed to the UN Human Rights Commission


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Nuclear Iran

Thoughts from Dr Ginosar

Meet Dr Ginosar

Matania Ginosar joined the Israeli underground LECHI as the state of Israel was being established. He was 15 at the time. At his blog he reflects on Zionism and Israel then as well as now. In this article he introduces himself to our readers.


Israel and the UN

Hezbollah War

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Neturei Karta

How Neturei Karta abuse the memory of the Holocaust

UK Muslims and Holocaust Memorial Day

A family at the beach in Israel, note the
					helicopters in the sky... they're need to pretect ordinary people's safty as they do ordinary things like take a day out at
					the Tel-Aviv beach

A day at the beach

Note the Helicopters in the background at this family's day out at the beach. Welcome to Israel where nothing can be taken forgranted, not even on a sunny day at the sand and sea

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