Lebanon is not in control of it's own affairs. Hezbolah dictates these on directions from Iran and Syria.

Hezbolah seems ot have the power to punge lebanon into war at its discretion which it bases on directions from Iran and Syria.

The Lebanon File

A country not in control of its own affairs and causing crisis in the Middle East

Profile of Lebanon

Capital: Beirut
Head of State: Emil Lahoud (President)
Head of Government: Fouad Siniora (Prime Minister)

Basic facts

Lebanon has for a long time had trouble controling its south. Both Israel and later Syria occupied Lebanon, and when Syria was finally forced out they left Hezbollah as their proxy. Hezobllah which is a terrorist organisation has plunged Lebanon into a war it did nto want at the request of Iran (who wanted to deflect attention fron it's nuclear program) and Syria.

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