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The Apartheid State

Israeli Apartheid, Zionist Apartheid and South African Apartheid

"Israel, in many respects, has become the South Africa of today. It is the litmus test of one's progressive credentials,
but don't treat Israel like apartheid South Africa" by Ian Buruma

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The Israel Apartheid Libel

An editorial from the Jersualem Post, Feb. 14, 2007

This editorial notes the Israel Apartheid Libel being made through "Israel Apartheid Week," an anti-Israel hate-fest being hosted on a fews university campuses in Canada, England and the US. The article asks if such obvious lies are worth challenging, and explains that decent, caring people may be takne in by them if their hateful message is not made clear

Archbishop Tutu, please be fair

By MAURICE OSTROFF in The Jerusalem Post, Dec. 5, 2006

Maurice Ostroff reports on Archbishop Desmond Tutu's appointment as head of the UN fact-finding mission into the deaths of Palestinians at Beit Hanun. While finding the decision to appoint Desmond Tutu a logical choice in light of his record as chairman of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Committee, Maurice questions if Archbishop Tutu can overcome his long held anti-Israel bias, a result of historic links between Tutu's ANC and the Palestinians PLO. He highlights the critical differences Archbishop Desmond Tutu should consider between the South African and Palestinian situations.

Zionism is not a settler-colonial undertaking

By David Hoffman, in "The Mail & Guardian", South Africa, 28 June 2005
In comparing Israel with Apartheid in South Africa, David Hoffman sees Israel not as an imperialism colonial expansion of Western powers, but as affirmative action on behalf of an oppresed people suffering a long persecution persecution

Comparison of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict with Apartheid South Africa

A blog article by Shimon Zachary Klein
Klein who was born and grew up in Cape Town (South Africa) until he moving to Israel in 1974, offers a detailed comparison of conditions in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with life in Apartheid South Africa. Also see our history of israel.

Do not treat Israel like apartheid South Africa

by Ian Buruma, in The Guardian, Tuesday July 23, 2002
Discusses the response of civil society and the moral outrage that resulted in boycotting South Africa, and which some would like to see applied to Israel to suit their political agendas.

Zionism and apartheid

A ZOTW Special
A point by point analysis between South African Apartheid and conditions in Israel. Israel's history and South Africa's history are very different.

Growing up Palestinian in the Israeli "Occupation"

By Sarah Elshazly, from our Palestinian state collection

A Palestinian frankly discusses Palestinian life and the role of Israel and the Arab world. She says "I would like to ask the entire world to stop exploiting our issue" and "to the average citizen in the Arab world, stop crying crocodile tears for us". There are real problems, but blind hate will not solve them and is perhaps being used by those in the Arab world to avoid other issues closer to home.

The Twilight Zone

By Sarah Elshazly, from our Palestinian state collection
The reality gap caused by ignorance can be huge. This personal story shows how some Muslims have never met a Jew yet hold extreme antisemitic opinions and wrongly believe Islam requires this. On the other hand some Muslims not only share their culture with others, but support and promote interfaith understanding. This is the story of a little Muslim girl who stood up against racism.

UN said Zionism is Racism

...and then changed its mind. A ZOTW special.
The story of the 1975 United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, Zionism is Racism and of General Assembly Resolution 4686 that cancelled it in 1991 (111 for, 25 again... predictably from the Arab League). UN Secretary General Koffi Anan called the Zionism is Racism motion one of the lowest points of United Nations history. The Durban Conference against Racism and Xenophobia in September 2001 that turned into a hate festival must come a close second.

On Antisemitism

The following may help you judge where the line between fair critisism and racism lies

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