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Webtifada is launched

The war hits Cyberspace and Morocco joins the party

Morocco-Israel: Webtifada is launched

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Morrocans hack more than 750 Israeli sites, the Jewish State responds. Thursday July 27, 2006, by Habibou Bangré.

The start

On June 28 the Moroccan hackers "TEAM Evil" took down more than 750 Israeli sites in response to a military offensive of the Israel in the Gaza Strip. They did not have to wait long for the Israeli response. Some 400 servers in Morocco were recently attacked. The war on the Web seems to have been launched.

The specialists who estimated that the Moroccan hackers were only small players must have been shocked. On June 28, between 750 and 850 Israeli sites were target by TEAM Evil (“the diabolic team”). The team is a group of apparently experienced Moroccan hackers, all aged less than 20. It is the first cyber-attacks of this scale which has struck the Israeli State for several years. The damage could have been heavier if the virus had not been controlled in time. The pirates “disfigured” governmental and institutional servers thought to be safe. Not all have been recovered yet. Israel recently reacted by carrying out a cyber responce to this cyberwar.

The message

“As long as you will kill out of the Palestinians, we will kill your servers”

That message was left by TEAM Evil as they attacked Israel in protest against daily Palestinians deaths following the offensives in the Territories. The group, which attacks small Israeli sites regularly, began its activities in 2004 by hacking American sites. Progressively, the actions became increasingly sofisticated. In the last year they hacked some well known medium-size firms and, last April, struck more extremely by attacking Mac Donald's.

What radicalized TEAM Evil further is operation “Rain of summer” of June 28 in Gaza, an Israeli response to the kidnapping, a few days earlier, of the young soldier Gilad Shalit. On the hacked Israeli sites, the message could be read (in average English): “Site hacked by Team Evil Arab Hackers. As long as you kill Palestinians, we will kill your servers”.

“We are a group of Moroccan hackers which hack sites as a sign of solidarity with the war of resistance carried out against Israel. We attack Israeli sites each day: it is our duty. The hacking is not a crime. Stop killing the children and we will stop hacking”, declared a spokesman of the hackers to YNet news. The remarks are reported by the Moroccan magazine verbatim. According to information the Israeli web experts estimates that the virus was prepared well before “Summer Rain”, which served as a pretext for its use.

The response

400 Moroccan sites at risk

Far from standing there with crossed arms, “TEAM Good” attacked the Moroccan ISP Omihost, which hosts some 400 addresses by hacking approximately 250 of them. The damage is serious because the servers containing the back-ups were also attacked. But, today, approximately 220 sites have been restored. An official statement of the State of Israel added that further attacks against “the economic drivers” were not planned.

The members of TEAM Evil are called the “Musketeers of the Web” by part of the Moroccan population hostile to the Israeli actions in Palestine. A protest was recently held in Casablanca in support for the Palestinian people. Others hackers are also very active, with Moroccans carrying out a virtual war against Israel. This includes LeRommanTique, a team of hackers who called the State of Israel and the United States “terrorists”.

Agents of Mossad, the Israeli secret service, were dispatched in Casablanca to find the culprits of the cyber-assault. If Morocco does not have a specific law for cyber-crimine, the hackers risk between five and ten years of prison in comparison with article 294 of the penal code which deals with penalties for crimes involving data processing. There are murmurs that the United States would be glad to count these hackers amoungst it's experts…

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