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Team Evil

What we know about Team Evil Arab Hackers...

Basic Bio

Team Evil claim to be Morrocan Hackers working for the Palestinian cause. They've been around since 2004 leaving anti-American and anti-Israel messages. In an interview with Ynet News a spokes person for the group said they were all "Moroccan youths, under the age of 20", he also claimed that hacking was not illegal. The phrase "have I got news for you" comes to mind.

Team Evil are: G0rillazz ;Qaher_Yhod ; Dr.E-vil ; X-BLooD-X ;Peur2rien ;EVIL-slAyers

E-mail addresses are: A.H.U@hotmail.com & x.blood.x@gmail.com & l8oo8l@gmail.com

Hacking record

Zone-H record a partial list of their hacks, also see their special hacks which inlcude government sites in Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, France, Paraguay, Costa Rica, the Ivory Coast, Argentina, Colombia and many others.



If You kill innocents Palestine we kill Israel server Cry when we See kids die


Special Greetz t0: Eno7 ; Hacker1 ; boshcash ; zakix ; PRI[ll ;HitlerOs ; Adrallica , Nazi , THE_GHOST , Spy_Pc And for all Moroccan Hackerz

Break Into Israel machine HACKED BY Team-evil MoROCcAn ARAb Hackers

Fr0m The Darkside===>[Team-Evil Moroccan Hackerz]

===>BE Pround To Be MORCCAIN Te@m-Evil Copyright 2005

Special Greetz t0: Eno7 ; Hacker1 ; PRI[ll ;HitlerOs ; Adrallica , Nazi , by0nd.cr3w , THE_GHOST , Spy_Pc And for all Moroccan Hackerz

Greets back

The have been greeted on attacks by Hacker1, ThE geberal c &CaSpER