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Israeli astronomical club Hack

The website was attacked by team evil, reported 5/3/07

A new mesage

A Zionism On The Web special, March 5th 2007 (updated March 7th 2007)

This morning we were contacted about a new team evil attack. Having followed Team Evil for some time, this latest hack shows a significant change. Team evil is now more Islamist than before, using better English and focusing more on their message than their technical abilities. The question is how and why?

Whether they are working on their own or are now being sponsored is an important question for us. If money for terrorism is being invested in hackers this would indicate that information warefare online has gone to a completly new level. We'll no longer be dealing with small racist groups, but well funded hate campaigns that are either directly or indirectly state sponsored. How will the public react to this sort of information warfare?

Also of interest is the message's suggestion that people use google to look up a particular phrase. There are (as of today when the hack occured) only 340 occurances of that phrase on the web. The phrase "purple bananas" has ten times that - to put it in perspective. We discuss this issue in a seperate article on Sharon's Master Plan, the phrase they've tried to take control over.


Messengers and Messages

The first thing we need to do is seperate the hackers from the message. A quick check shows that a very similar hack message was used by other groups, in fact only the introduction and ending differ. Either Team Evil have copied someone else's template, or there is some tool being used to generate the template.

The Author

What we do know is that the original author was Sunni, religious, against suicide bombings and probably considers themselves a hero of the information age making "information free" rather than a hacker. This shows very little understanding and a certain amount of confusion over "ethical hacking". Team Evil have been known to destory data. Either they are changing their approach, or they simply didn't (or couldn't if a tool was used) change the message. The others who have left this same message (barring the intro and conclusions) are known to team evil and have in the past been geeted in their hacks.

The Template

The opening is a link to a graphic. Different users have used different graphics. Below this on a new line is the text ".: Owned By :." and on the next new line the hacker puts their name or handle. The line below this contains a message entered by the user. Under this is a graphic chosen by the user. Below the graphic is a line for a short message. It appears to default to ".* for islam NATIONS *." (used by both Team Evil and Dr.fucker_net), is left blank by others, and was changed to ".* 54ud! 4r4b!4 rlz! *." (Saudi Arabia rules) by nEt^DeViL. Below this the common message starts.

The opening:

For the Admin ... Don't worry dude :) ... I didn't Delete your Files ... Only I Edited your Index*

Make Sure you Make your Security the Highest Next Time Dude :)

After a horizontal rule the message continues:

> > I wanna Say to The World That Israel are Super Terrorists by this MSG .. Read it & You'll agree that .. I'm quite right ;p <<

.::. Damn To Israeli Terrorists & Anyone Helping Them .::.

Next we have a large box that requires a more details analysis. In summary though, the box attempts both to justify the hack, support Hezbollah, demonize Israel, demoralize those who oppose the death cult, spread lies to justify hate of Israel, promote antisemitism (in an American context mostly), promote a fictional story whose goal is to make Israelis (and Israeli childen) look like mosters (this is done through the use of photographs of Israeli kids and missles used in a story line that ends in dead bodies), and finally two messages for "polite" or "impolite" admins. The polite admins are thanked for the loan of their server. The "impolite ones" are lectured at and told not to tell preach to the hackers. They are told again how "I'm not hacking to be a Terrorist !!! .. The Terrorists are the Israelis !!!". The lecturing diatribe ends with a note to "Blame the Person who makes wrong deeds for the Religion not the Religion itself !". They seem not to realise how Muslim hackers (which they surely are) might cause others to be less than fond of Islam. The box ends with "Hacking is Knowledge & Knowledge is Free ( But, with Polite to Others ! )", a warning (writen as if in jest) that if you take offense you;ll be th enext target, and finally the phrase "God Blessing" followed by name inserted into the tool or template. Between hacked site the name is the only difference inside the box.

Below the box is an audio clip, then a section "Greetz To All MyFriends:" followed by a "Contact me:" section.

The most complete and wide spread use of the tool appeard to be by nEt^DeViL, this may indicate they are the creator or simply that they have played with the tool / template the most.

Team Evil's contribution

The first graphic used is a Morrocan Flag, this is followed by a banner in Arabic (a translation would be welcome):

Below this in place of the hackers name, Team Evil have put their slogan "As long as you kill our kids,we fuck your server". This is their signature as much as their name is. Below this they have included the phrase "<^ MoroCcanHaCkerS ^>" this was also present on their previous hacks. The following image then appears:

Then the phrase ".* for islam NATIONS *.". The next bit of custom content is the blessing which the hacker gives to "My family", indicating that this was done by one member of the hacker team.

For their greetings they say "We are: |Dr.FuCkEr_NeT|; |ThE LeO| ; |DrAcKaNz|;|ThE CaSpEr|;|AsTrex|;|HackedServer|" and end with "Pround To Be MOROCCAIN". Again something common to all their hacks. In earlier hacks team evil was listed as G0rillazz ;Qaher_Yhod ; Dr.E-vil ; X-BLooD-X ;Peur2rien ;EVIL-slAyers. They sent greetings in past hacks to "Eno7 ; Hacker1 ; boshcash ; zakix ; PRI[ll ;HitlerOs ; Adrallica , Nazi , THE_GHOST , Spy_Pc". The previous messages of "FUCK ISRAeL ; JUST FOR HATE ; No" and "From the dark side" are not present. The very last thing in this hack is an image they have used before:

Other users

The template or tool were also used by nEt^DeViL (numerous times), //Red Devils Crew//, Br0keN-Pr0xy, PROHacker, and Dr.fucker_net. Groups using it were from Morroco e.g. MoroCcanHaCkerS (Team Evil & Dr.fucker_net) and Saudi Arabiaa e.g. S4ud1-H4cK3r / S4ud1-C0d3r (nEt^DeViL & Br0keN-Pr0xy).

Comparison 1: nEt^DeViL says the site is Owned with his initial graphic and is more concerned with taking credit. His final "blessing" goes to Dr. Khalid (Presumably the one from the IslamChannel who is based in London). nEt^DeViL e-mail address is provided as: He greets: Abu_Zahra[ My Best friend ], Saudia_Hacker, Yanis, PRI[ll, Eddy_BAck0o, Mianwalian[ #WHACKERZ ], SaveChanges[ PHA ], BrEakerS, Red Devils Crew[ Saudi|x ], Metlak, Linux_Drox, Broken-Proxy, ZeRo [ Pakistan rlz ], a stooge.

Comparison 2: PROHacker has a Saudi flag, his name and the message "First: happy 11- september and dont forget...look down", followed by a picture of the twin towers being hit. He has no message below this picture. The blessing goes to "Eng. PROHacker". He doesn't give any greetings but says he can be contacted at

Comparison 3: Dr.fucker_net has a Moroccan flag, his name and the tag "<^ MoroCcanHaCkerS ^>". The image used is a picture of the grim reaper with Fucker_net in the top left corner and in a white square between the reapers hands. Below the picture is the tag ".* for islam NATIONS *.". The blessing again goes to "My family". The greetings say "We are: Dr.fucker_net;DrackanZ ; The LEo ; The CaSpEr" and below that "Be Pround To Be MOROCCAIN". It's worth noting that the "we are" bit contains half as many hackers as with the astronomy hack. The astronomical society hack is the more recent.

Dr.fucker_net has made similar (but not identical) attacks on 3 other sites. On one of these the greeting was left as "We are: |Dr.FuCkEr_NeT|; |ThE LeO| ; |DrAcKaNz| |ThE CaSpEr|& special thx for turkch hacker|Swantska |"

Use of this material

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A copy of the defaced version of the site is archived by us, please contact us if you wish to see a copy, the original site at is now restored.