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Us vs Team Evil (Part 2)

A website promoting discussion vs hackers against free speech

Team Evil takes us on again

Our hacker friends "team evil" are obviously very bored. Or highly annoyed that they can't keep us down. They're even checking these pages!

This additional page however is not to comment on how sad team evil are. It's to look at their latest attack on us in a bit more detail.

Round 6

Firstly, if you missed rounds one to five, please see Us vs Team Evil. In the latest attack they took control of the admin account and changed all user names to "Team Evil". All messages were also changed. The board name and other global setting were not changed. This may be significant as we removed the code that allowed the configuration settings to be changed via the forums after the last attack. This suggests that team evil are (a) doing a cross site scripting attack (as the logs don't show much) and (b) able only to change things the board itself allows the admin to change. How they get control of the admin account I don't know... but they seem to need it in order to do their damage.

Zionism On The Web hacked by Team EvilWhat was quite amusing is that a new user registered and posted abuse at team evil as they were hacking the site. They replied using the renamed admin account as shown in the picture.

The message

Zionism On The Web hacked by Team EvilI have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but they've replaced all the posts in the board with this nonsense:

If she was by argotic I/she helped you in the kyack of a Palestine families from their earth they stayed in him the droppings and Aqbar's commission the altars in historiography of the humanity although the families of a Palestine are toward that help a places of emigration of the deserting Jews from the world war to Palestine but you a people doesn't love any grilling except he cheered up him until by argotic which moved out the families of a Palestine I/she preserved you the earth you you exercised the terror with her as that , real you he formed branches not conscience

It looks like they wrote a message in arabic and used an auto translater that did a very very poor job.

Round 7

We were attacked again on September 11th. The attackers did not leave a special memorial message (which actually suprised us). They trashed the database on the server for both our blogs and forums. This time they managed to chaneg the forum name without the relevent admin panel which we'd removed for security. This probably required them to write the sql statements themselves.

In responding to the attacks on September 10th we added some htaccess code to ignore users whose profile matched that of the hackers. They responded by randomizing their brower signature so it changed with each request.

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