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 EntryNo: 9
 Date: Sunday
28.08.2005 ( Denis MacEoin
Safari United Kingdom
As we all knnow, the Internet is littered with pro-Israeli, pro-Zionist sites, and it can get very confusing sorting out the best places for this or that piece of information. Not on ly that, but I imagine most of us have mailboxes crammed with material from BICOM, Honest Reporting, ADL, and all the rest. Who can keep up and still do a day's work. So it seems a very noble enterprise to try to create a central or overriding site where links can be made, information and comment collected, and activists kept in touch. I hope it's greatly successful.
 EntryNo: 8
 Date: Friday
05.08.2005 ( Gillian
Internet Explorer United Kingdom
Zionism on the Web is a very important project. Israel and Zionism means so many things to so many people.

Finally people who don't actually know what Zionism is, can gain a better perspective of what it is and what it is not.

As a central hub of all the converging Zionist views from both inside and outside Israel, I hope that every Jewish and Zionist website will in time refer its audience to to you.

Kol Hakavod

 EntryNo: 7
 Date: Friday
05.08.2005 ( Wendy Leibowitz
Internet Explorer United States of America
I am so grateful for this principled, well-written site. I am politically progressive, and many political organizations that I'd like to support are viciously anti-Israel, bordering on the anti=Semitic. I would love to redeem Zionism and Israel through this site and grassroots work.

Criticism of Israel is fine, but why is she so vilified? More than, say, North Korea? Syria? Saudi Arabia?
I'd like to think it's because people care more about Israel, but I think it's probably the successful propaganda war that has hijacked so much useful debate on the political spectrum, alienating many decent progressive people.
 EntryNo: 6
 Date: Sunday
31.07.2005 ( Miriam
Internet Explorer Australia

Important and valuable site. All should pass it on to everyone in the education field, as well as to the media. It must help those whose knowledge is limited but need unbiased information.

 EntryNo: 5
 Date: Wednesday
18.05.2005 ( Allyson Rowen Taylor
Internet Explorer United States of America
This website is not only needed, but mandatory for all people to understand what Zionism is and is not. This is a useful tool, and should be on everyone's link. As an activist, who works on the college campuses, the word "Zionism" is wquated with being a Nazi. This is not acceptable, and must not be allowed to gain momentum as being "de rigeur" on the college campus. Tomorrow I will be at UC Irvine, hearing a man named Malik Ali give a speech titled "A world without Israel" and his plan to eleimate the Jewish State. All this on taxpayer funds, public institution, and shari'ia law implemented in the room with men and women not allowed to sit together. Reminder, this is not a religious service, but a speaker at ta state funded college.
 EntryNo: 4
 Date: Monday
09.05.2005 ( Wouter Brasse
Internet Explorer Netherlands
"The right of the Jewish people to self-determination, like the right of any other people to self determination, should not be a subject for legitimate dispute."
I agree completely! Ironically, I wonder if it would not be better to abandon the word Zionism? Opponents often feel it's okay to say "I am anti-Zionist" ( it were an ideology), but I think most would have a harder time saying "I am against the right of the Jewish people to self-determination"!?
Nonetheless I wish you good luck with your website!
 EntryNo: 3
 Date: Saturday
07.05.2005 ( R. E. Pelle
Internet Explorer Netherlands
I think this website is a very good initative. It is important to counter misconceptions about Zionism like it is racist, bent from the beginning at dispossessing Arabs and a colonialist movement.
It is also important to make clear that 'peace and justice' are often'code-words' used by anti-Zionists to demand an end to Jewish self-determination. The AUT boycott is a good example of that.
I support a two state solution and think the Palestinians have a right to statehood too, but not on cost of, but beside Israel.

 EntryNo: 2
 Date: Wednesday
04.05.2005 ( Jake Hayman
Netscape Navigator or other United Kingdom
Zionism is becoming a word associated with so many things far from the principles of most strings of Zionism. There is huge work to be done in setting the record straight.

Thank you for taking this project on and we wish you all the best - you're piece on the AUT was particularly useful in helping understand the issues and reveal the awful nature of their boycott resolutions.
Thank you and keep it up!

 EntryNo: 1
 Date: Monday
02.05.2005 ( Anon
Internet Explorer United States of America
The need for a true and historically correct defination for Zionisim is urgent. The context of how this word has ben hijacked to demonize Israel and Jews who support the state of Israel is a threat to the security of the State.Thank you for this very important and valuable website.


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