Anti-Semitic radio station named after Jewish woman

July 26th, 2007


A final comment on Fr Rydzyk, at least until he repents in sackcloth and ashes, accompanied by his religious superiors - or else says something else outrageous.

Damian Thompson, editor-in-chief of the Catholic Herald, once described by the Anglican Church Times as a "blood-crazed ferret", pursues Rydzyk and the Church leaders who refuse to bring this priest under control. As I’ve pointed out before, it is up to Rydzyk's Redemptorist superiors to act. If they refuse, however, to then it should not be beyond the power of the local Polish bishops to do something about it.

One of the creepiest radio stations in the world is named, I’m sorry to say, after the Virgin Mary. Radio Maryja, Poland’s largest Catholic broadcasting agency, is obsessed with Jewish plots.

After sinking his teeth into Church leaders for their weak response to this, he points out:

You can’t help wondering the rosary-clutching anti-Semites of Radio Maryja are missing a rather obvious point. I hate to break it to you, guys, but you’re named after a Jewish housewife.

Polish priest can’t see anything anti-semitic about insulting Jews: Redemptorists can’t, either.

July 25th, 2007


Polish priest Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, who runs the influential Radio Maryja, can’t see anything wrong with his behaviour.

Here's a little test. Read the following and see if you can spot any statements no good Christian should make.

According to the weekly, Fr. Rydzyk was to say that the First Lady "is a witch" and "should undergo euthanasia". About the President, he allegedly said that he is a "cheat who lets himself be influenced by the Jewish lobby".

Easy, wasn’t it? The odd thing is that neither Fr Rydzyk nor his superiors in the Redemptorist Order can see anything wrong with his statements, even if you can.

First, Fr Rydzyk:

Fr. Rydzyk himself does not question the authenticity of the quotes, but denies having the intention to offend anyone:

'It never crossed my mind to offend anyone. This affair is artificially blown up.'

As the brother of Polish President Lech Kaczynski said: "It's a serious problem which the Redemptorist order needs to address."

There seems to be little hope of that.

The outspoken director of a Polish Catholic radio station has denied charges that he made anti-Semitic statements, and his religious superior has backed his statement...

...Father Zdzislaw Klafka, the Polish provincial of the Redemptorist order, said that an investigation into the charges against Father Rydzyk had concluded that he "does not identify himself with the anti-Semitism that has been attributed to him." Father Klafka-- who said that his own statement was approved by Father Joseph Tobin, the worldwide head of the Redemptorist order, said that Father Rydzyk's colleagues knew he was not an anti-Semite.

Do they also support his statements that his President is a cheat and the First Lady is a witch, I wonder?

A reminder here that the Pope has tried to rein in Radio Maryja, but it is really up to the Redemptorists to lance this particular boil - something they seem unwilling to do.

Antisemitic Priest: Polish Protests

July 20th, 2007


More than 700 people in Poland, including a former prime minister and foreign minister, signed an open letter condemning statements about Jews by a right-wing Roman Catholic priest who runs a controversial radio station.

Only 700? Still, enough to make the Guardian pay attention, and it seems there are some high profile names among them.

``As Polish Catholics, laymen and clergy, we express our moral protest against the worsening statements of the director of Radio Maryja,'' the letter says. ``It hurts us that the contemptible and anti-Semitic statements come from a representative of our church.''

The letter, posted on the Web site of the Krakow-based Center for Culture and Dialogue, calls on Roman Catholic Church leaders to bring Rydzyk in line with church teaching that anti-Semitism is a sin.

Rydzyk is a member of the Redemptorist order. An official who answered the phone at the Redemptorists' headquarters in Rome "would not comment. Calls to the order's office in Warsaw went unanswered."

Rydzyk's religious superiors are Redemptorists, not his local Bishop in Poland (although the latter should protest about him to the Redemptorist leadership). You can contact their headquarters here.

An antisemitic priest - and the chance to do something about it

July 14th, 2007


Antisemitic Polish priest Father Tadeuscz Rydzyk is still spreading his poison .

Father Rydzyk’s extremism was previously criticized by Pope Benedict XVI. His radio station has hosted antisemites and Holocaust deniers. Join the Wiesenthal Center’s call to the Catholic Church to dismiss this “Josef Goebbels in a collar.”

Why hasn't this disgrace to the Catholic priesthood been dismissed long ago?

The Wiesenthal Center give us the opportunity to call on Archbishop Jozef Michalik, President of the Polish Bishops' Conference, to work for his dismissal here.

Real Christian Peacemakers

July 6th, 2007

Unlike the ‘Christian’ ‘Peacemakers’ who don’t have the guts to try and protect their fellow Christians in Gaza, but stay safely in the West Bank, producing a steady drip of venom about the Israelis whose presence protects them, here are some real Christian peacemakers.

Displaying far more courage, as well as the sort of charity Christians are supposed to practise, a group of Christian volunteers are making themselves useful in Sderot.

Five Christian volunteers braved the heat and threat of Qassam rockets last week to help renovate an activities center for grandmothers in Sderot.

Apparently they do it without being nasty about anyone – not even the terrorists who are firing missiles in their direction.

Trystan Tregenza, 26, from Penzance, Cornwall, said, “It was a great insight into Sderot, my first visit to the town. There was loads of stuff we could have done, but we wanted to do some manual labor. It was nice to do something for the elderly.”

What’s unique about these Christian volunteers is that they already volunteer here in Israel at Bridges for Peace (BFP), a Christian organization dedicated to building relationships and understanding between Christians and Jews.

It’s about “building relationships and understanding” between groups of people, not about using pretended concern about justice as a mask for the injustice of anti-semitism. It’s positive and constructive, as well as quietly courageous – so called ‘Christian peacemakers’ take note.