Siege of Church of Nativity staged by PA

October 1st, 2007

A Palestinian Authority official has admitted that the siege of Bethlehem's Church of the Nativiety in 2002 was staged.

A Fatah official who served as chief of a terrorist organization that holed up for over a month inside Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity in 2002 while fleeing a massive Israeli anti-terror operation admitted in a recently released book the infamous church siege was orchestrated by Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority.

Israel was widely criticized during the ordeal for laying siege to the Nativity Church - where Christians believe Jesus was born - after dozens of Bethlehem-area gunmen, including wanted senior Hamas, Tanzim and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terrorists, stormed the structure and refused to come out. Tanzim and the Brigades are part of Fatah.

Following that admission, can we expect Church leaders who condemned Israel at the time for this cynical piece of wrong-doing by the PA to apologise? Or can we expect them to condemn the Palestinian leadership for its actions?

I think we know the answer to that.

You don't need a crystal ball to predict this.

September 24th, 2007

Gypsy Rose ChristianAttitudes passes her hands over the crystal ball, muttering incantations. The cloudy depths clear and she sees into the future.

See how accurate her prediction was!

An Israeli government plan to suspend electricity and fuel to Gaza’s civilian population will severely impact local people’s health and wellbeing, harming peace and security in the area, church and development organisations say.

Guess who's first in the queue of moral mice, squeaking their indignation? Yes - Christian Aid.

UK-based international development agency Christian Aid says it deplores attacks on civilians and affirms Israel’s right to defend itself from attack but the humanitarian consequences of cutting these vital services to Gaza will be severe.

Christian Aid now says it "deplores attacks on civilians" - odd it didn't say it earlier, isn't it? There have been months and months of bombardment of innocent Israeli civilians by Palestinian missiles, so there was plenty of opportunity to deplore. A cynical person might suspect that they don't really deplore it all that much but are only saying it now as immunisation against accusations of anti-semitism.

The economy of this narrow strip of land between Egypt and Israel is already on the brink of collapse and virtually isolated from the outside world: 87 per cent of Gaza’s population currently live below the poverty line.

No mention of whose fault that is. Well, I can't see the word Hamas anywhere, can you?

Pope to honour Holocaust victims in Austria

September 7th, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI is beginning a pilgrimage to Austria today with a solemn tribute to Jewish Holocaust victims. Victims of earlier persecution will also be remembered.

After an opening ceremony at Vienna's lavish Am Hof square, the pope was to join the capital's chief rabbi at the Judenplatz, or Jewish Square, in silent tribute at an austere memorial to Jewish victims of pogroms through the ages.

The spot commemorates not only the 65,000 Viennese Jews who perished in Nazi death camps, but others who were burned at the stake in the 1400s after they refused to convert.

Churches maintain tradition of silence during persecution of Jews

September 5th, 2007

I’ve yet to hear even a squeak of protest about this attack on the babies of Sderot from any of the Churches

After one of the rockets thudded into the courtyard of a day care center, soldiers scrambled to evacuate everyone inside. Twelve people, including some of the babies, suffered shock and a building was damaged....

...In total, seven Kassam rockets landed in and around the western Negev town as Sderot children started their second day of the new school year. The Islamic Jihad said they had fired nine Kuds-3 rockets, saying on their internet site that the attack was “a present for the start of the new school year.”

(emphasis by LGF)

Let the Israelis make even the slightest effort to defend themselves from this on-going violence, however, and you can expect a chorus of shrill squeaks.

Moreover, Israel is considering applying pressure on the Palestinians in non-military ways, such as cutting off electricity and water to the Gaza Strip.

You can almost hear the squealing of these moral mice now, can’t you?

I've said it before: Inconvenience to Palestinians counts for more than Israeli lives.

On a wing and a prayer – no, make that two wings

August 31st, 2007


The Curt Jester has been having some fun with the news that the Vatican has started running a flight service.

• You never have to worry that your aircrew includes Pontius Pilot.

Meanwhile, in contrast to those boycotts being promoted by some Protestant churches, the Vatican partners with Israel on tourism.

In a bid to boost Holy Land visitor numbers, Israel's Ministry of Tourism is partnering with the Holy See's new charter flight service for pilgrims.

Ynetnews reports that aim of the venture is to increase the number of Catholic pilgrim visitors to Israel.

Israeli Tourist Bureau manager Suzan Kalgesbrun said that the cooperation was aimed at marketing the flights towards young religious Italians.

As for Protestant boycotts, Dexter van Zile points to the latest Lutheran example of double standards (via Solomonia)

How did ELCA's Churchwide Assembly respond to the events in the Gaza Strip? With a robust condemnation of Palestinian violence? With a ringing expression of disappointment over the failure of Palestinian leaders to take advantage of the opportunity given to them?


Instead, ELCA's Churchwide Assembly passed a “memorial” (resolution) that called on Lutherans to consider going out of their way to buy goods from Palestinian suppliers and to explore the feasibility of “refusing to buy products produced in Israeli settlements.”

As he comments:

Kaufen Nicht Bei Juden! (“Don't Buy From Jews!) has been replaced with a Kaufen Nicht Bei Settlers! (Don't Buy From Settlers!)