Sheikh Yassin sat on my sofa

March 7th, 2006


Optimistic, or perhaps delusional, some Palestinian Christians continue to claim they have nothing to fear from the rule of Hamas. They certainly voice no objections to the terrorism of Hamas, its murder of innocents, and its open ambition to destroy Israel.

They place their trust in something called the Covenant of Omar, “a document little known outside Christian and Islamic circles in the Holy Land.”

"The Al-Uhdah Al-Omariyah was signed in 683 by the Muslim conqueror of Jerusalem, Caliph Omar bin al-Khattab. In it, he promised the city's patriarch, Sophronios, to protect the lives, property, churches and worship of Christians."

Perhaps they are unwise to place too much trust in it.

Others trust in personal friendship with mass murderers and thugs. Anton Shuhaiber is a 68-year-old doctor who studied in England.

He is also a member of the church council and the board of the local Young Men's Christian Association, which he says has "left its fingerprints" on Gazan society through the cross-community work it does.

He counted as friends Hamas leaders Ahmed Yassin and Abdulaziz Rantissi, both assassinated by Israel, and points to a spot on his sofa where they used to sit.

Anyone who keeps such friends has obviously lost any moral compass, and his judgement cannot be trusted. And being on the church council and Young Men’s Christian Association does not make you a good Christian. If he supports the terrorism of his friends, and fails to condemn it, he and his like are no better than the ‘Christian’ fellow travellers of the Nazis During WWII.

Two Christians and another fellow attack Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth

March 6th, 2006


Yes, I know, I know – there was a Jew involved, too, but initially the fact that his wife and daughter are Christians was not mentioned, so I thought I’d redress the balance.

This response by the Latin Patriarchate merely refers to “an Israeli man.. ..together with his wife and daughter with some explosives”. Anti-semites immediately think “Israelis = Jews” and start to foam at the mouth, screaming: "Jews Storm Nazareth Church With Fireworks, Canisters"!

Three Israeli Jews sowed panic at a church in the hometown of Jesus Christ Friday, March 3, when they desecrated the holy place and set off fireworks during a service.

Yes, I’m sure that news site is deeply concerned about Christian holy places and ready to protest about their desecration….

Meanwhile, pouring oil on the flames, so to speak,

Latin Archbishop Michel Sabbah, the most senior Catholic figure in Israel, said the Vatican was following closely the events in Nazareth. Sabah said that the person who tried to perform the terrible deed was born and bred on racist views and wild incitement against Christians in particular and Arabs in general.

Compare the hatred of that statement with the more suitable Christian behaviour exhibited a few hours later by Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa

"I had the desire to meet the family, to listen to them, to understand and forgive them," Beaulieu quoted Pizzaballa as saying. "I think that, being in charge of the Holy Places, we have a serious responsibility to behave in accordance with the Christian message. The voice of peace is one of forgiveness."

The couple, who have been living off donations from a Jerusalem church, apologized to the prelate and requested his forgiveness, said lawyer Pninat Yanay, who represents the family and helped facilitate the meeting.

"They said they didn't want to hurt anybody," she said. "They cried a lot and said it shows the world that the church is full of good people."

During the meeting, the Havivis hugged and kissed Pizzaballa, who said he was moved by couple's plight.

The Israeli Government apologised to the Church for the incident. It would be nice if the Church authorities apologised to the Israeli Government for any part played by Christians in the violence, and for injuries caused to Israeli police officers in incidents like this one.

Which do you want first – the good news or the even better news?

March 5th, 2006


Pope Benedict XVI is shaking things up at the Vatican. New cardinals are about to be appointed, but one possible candidate has been removed from the list: Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, formerly President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, “not only was not promoted as a cardinal, but was demoted as a nuncio in Egypt.”

What has he done to deserve this?

Benedict XVI has also brought about a correction of the previous Vatican line in regard to Islam. In removing archbishop Fitzgerald from the curia, the pope has said the last word on the symposia that he loved to organize with Muslim leaders like sheikh Yussef-Al-Qaradwi or the heads of Al-Azhar, who signed ceremonious appeals for peace with the Vatican and then, the next day, inflamed the crowds by exalting holy war and the suicide terrorists.

More good news for those concerned about Catholic attitudes to Jews and the Jewish State. The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Sodano, is a powerful man within the Church – and it seems his days in that position may also be numbered.

The change of course desired by Benedict XVI also draws the Church closer to Israel. Sodano was a great admirer of Yasser Arafat, and is a supporter of the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah,who is ardently pro-Palestinian. But pope Ratzinger immediately flanked Sabbah with a more moderate auxiliary who will succeed him in two years, Fouad Twal of Jordan, previously the archbishop of Tunis. And is planning to appoint as the bishop of the Hebrew Christians who live in the state of Israel the present custodian of the Holy Land, Franciscan Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, who is viewed very favorably by the Israeli authorities.

A pretty fairy tale

March 3rd, 2006


It’s like a scene from the Sound of Music. A merry Palestinian woman leads a crowd of laughing children in joyous song. The children, dressed in cheerful colours, laugh merrily as they cast rose petals towards Israeli tanks. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and bluebirds fly round the heads of the Palestinians, joining in their happy song.

“We want peace!” they exclaim, releasing white doves with olive branches in their beaks. Yes, all is sweetness and light. Asia News (which is Catholic and not Asian) tells us that Most Palestinians want peace with Israel. They want peace ever so much. That must be why most of them voted for Hamas, which wants to drink the blood of Jews (but peacefully, of course).

And that explains why so many Palestinians are currently expressing their desire for peace by shooting at Jews or stabbing them, not to mention sending kassam missiles from Gaza, in gratitude for the Jews moving out. And that must be why the director of the film about Palestinian suicide bombers would happily become one himself.

Asia News cannot bring itself to show Palestinians in a bad light – or Israelis in a good one. Instead of reasonable, peace-loving types, this Catholic news outlet likes to show Israelis as warmongers.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians just love peace. Indeed, they love it to pieces

The infected foul flock together

March 2nd, 2006


Anti-Semitism in its later mutation of anti-Zionism is the new bird flu of the soul, and it’s still spreading. A flock of infected parrots (of anti-Israel propaganda lies) has recently visited Pittsburgh and will soon be winging its way towards Israel, from where it hopes to speed up the spread of the disease world-wide.

The virus had a boost at the disgracefully anti-Semitic UN Conference in Durban, where copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were on sale and “The Jewish Center in Durban was forced to close because of threats of violence."

As NGO Monitor points out, Sabeel continues to promote the Durban Agenda.

Sabeel and the Joint Advocacy Initiative of the YMCA East Jerusalem and YWCA of Palestine will launch the World Council of Churches' "global advocacy week concerning the situation in Palestine and Israel." The Conference (12-19 March 2006) program is endorsed by a number of NGOs including Caritas Jerusalem and EAPPI, and includes "solidarity visits with Christian Peacemaker Teams in Hebron," a "settlement tour with ICAHD" and an opportunity to "witnes[s] the destruction in Jenin Refugee Camp".

More information about this germ-spreading exercise here.

Among the infected birds gathering in the flock is the YWCA – see if you can spot the anti-Semitic cliché in their advocacy profile. Hint – look for the reference to “The vast domination of the Jewish lobby in the western media”. Could they have caught that particular nasty little bug from buying a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion during the Durban Conference?

‘Global advocacy week’ evidently means enthusiastic attempts to spread this disease worldwide. Is there a cure?