The company Bishop Richard Williamson keeps

February 24th, 2009

From an article headlined Pius X society: ‘Jews, the enemy of man’

Research by a team of journalists from Belgian Based ‘Joods Actueel’, a Jewish news publication, has revealed a slew of anti-Semitic content on websites of the St. Pius X society. Pius X is the catholic society whose excommunication has recently been recanted by the Pope. Much controversy has arisen about the rehabilitation of one of its members, bishop Richard Williamson, a known holocaust denier.

The research comes to the conclusion that Pius X is an extreme conservative Catholic group that rejects the Second Vatican Council and propagates the worst kind of anti-Semitism. (examples see below)

To quote Michael Freilich, editor-in-chief Joods Actueel:

“This is in many ways worse than the outrageous statements of bishop Williamson denying the Holocaust and the existence of gas chambers. Williamson is a lone fool and not taken serious by the masses, whereas here we are talking about an entire society comprising thousands of priests spreading hatred to hundreds of thousands around the world (The Saint Pius X society is believed to have between 600.000 and 1 million followers). Another difference with Williamson is that, how undeniably awful his lies may be, they negate the past. Yet what we have uncovered here is preaching of lies and hate against Jews today thereby once again promoting hatred against the Jewish people.

Anti-Semitism in the Church is not new; it has existed for centuries. The positive steps taken after WWII, such as the Second Vatican Council, threaten to be completely undone by embracing an extremist group such as this back into the Church. What is needed now are deeds not words. The hate mongering society of St. Pius X has no place in the Church and should be excommunicated as soon as possible.”

If Pope Benedict did not know what sort of people he was inviting back into the Church, he should do by now. Unless they admit that they have done wrong, and make sincere repentance for it, they should be given no welcome.

(To the tune of “What are we going to do about Maria?”): What are we going to do about Williamson?

January 30th, 2009

He is notorious as a Holocaust-denying anti-Semite, who also disapproves of The Sound of Music and women who wear trousers. Whereas the two latter are unlikely to lead to a genocide of trouser-clad women, or singing nuns and children wearing old curtains, the former is dangerous. The embers of anti-Jewish prejudice have never been extinguished and could easily be fanned into life again.

‘Bishop’ Richard Williamson, or Mr Williamson as the Telegraph calls him is no longer excommunicated. Dismay at the idea of welcoming an openly anti-Semitic prelate back into the Church has been expressed by Catholics as well as Jews.

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales hasten to distance themselves from his views, taking the opportunity to condemn anti-Semitism while they are at it.

Even Williamson’s boss in the Fraternity of St Pius X has decided it expedient to distance himself, too, although if he has previously failed to condemn his subordinate’s claims, this might appear less than sincere.

Words are all very well, but actions will tell us more. What will happen to Williamson if he returns to the Church? Will he be allowed to continue as a bishop?

The Telegraph has already laicised him. Perhaps the Pope should do likewise.

Former Vatican envoy to the United Nations – well, what do you expect?

January 14th, 2009

It’s more the kind of thing one might expect from an enraged, ill-educated protester, keffiyah wrapped over his face, perhaps brandishing a placard which tells you that he is semi-literate and cannot be expected to read history so relies on others to tell him what to think about Israel and Jews.

This disappointing piece of nonsense fell from the lips of a Vatican Cardinal, though. Likening Gaza to a concentration camp is ignorant and anti-Semitic.

Germany was not defending itself from a rain of missiles aimed at its civilian population by Jews. The Israelis have not herded Palestinians into Gaza with the intention of wiping them out – on the contrary, it is Hamas who have made clear their genocidal intentions towards the Jews.

A spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry said the cardinal, whose remarks appeared in an interview Wednesday, adopted the kind of language that Hamas and other Islamic militant groups have used to demonize Israel and equate it with Nazi Germany

More thoughts on the subject here

Cardinal Martino was formerly Vatican envoy to the far from perfect and deeply anti-Israel UN so perhaps we should not be too surprised.

How not to celebrate the birth of a Jewish baby

December 2nd, 2008


Christmas is the time for traditional pleasures – food (lots of turkey and Christmas pud), drink, the exchange of gifts, carol singing, sharing a little spiteful nastiness about the Jewish State... Well, that one is a traditional pleasure for some.

A combination of the last two in an Anglican church recently has aroused criticism even from the Archbishop of Canterbury and his predecessor.

Leading members of Britain’s Jewish and Christian communities have condemned a prominent Anglican church for holding a service where traditional carols were rewritten to attack Israel.

The Rector of St James’s Piccadilly, the Rev Charles Hedley, said that he would think twice before allowing the service to take place in his church again after he received dozens of complaints.

You’d think the Rev Hedley would have noticed that there was something wrong with an anti-Israel carol service, wouldn’t you? The clergy keep reminding us that Christmas is not just about commercialism. It is supposed to be about love and good-will to all men – except Israelis, it seems.

Did he not realise that devoting a church service to the expression of poisonous hatred is not very, well, Christmassy? Neither is nastiness about Jews defending themselves from the attacks of their enemies appropriate in a season devoted to the birth of a Jewish baby.

Well, did he or didnt' he? (continued)

October 31st, 2008


This argument could go on for ever! Did Pope Pius XII say or do enough to help the Jews during WWII?

I don't know why he is being considered for canonization anyway - I have never met any Catholic who recognised him as a saint or showed any devotion to him. A few who hankered back to what they remembered as the 'good old days' before the changes brought by the Second Vatican Council had some affection for his memory. That was not so much for what he did as simply because he predated the Council which they so disliked.

Now Pope Benedict XVI has decided to postpone the canonisation for a few years, until they have had time to root through all those papers in the Vatican archives and find some more information.

The delay is being regarded as a concession to Jewish groups who say that Pius, head of the Roman Catholic Church from 1939 to 1958, remained silent during the Holocaust and was passive towards the persecution of Jews