New Antisemitism Resource Center

December 30th, 2006


We've launched a new Antisemitism resource center.

This ties in with our forums on Antisemitism and new Antisemitism.

New sectionon Zionism, Israel and Apartheid South Africa

December 27th, 2006


A new section has just gone live on the site. This section looks at the accusations of Israeli Apartheid and the question of antisemitic motivations behind such charges. We've also collects together our articles related to the comparison between Israel and Apartheid South Africa on this page.

The new banner at the top shows that this is related to our revamped Anti-Zionism resource center. Only main page has been changed at the Anti-Zionism resource center... but hopefully that will soon change. At least the Apartheid page is complete!

Change we know need to be made:

The lists on the right are out og kilter. This is an IE 7 bug (actually a bix to an IE 6 bug... but makign the fix to IE6 not break IE7 was a bit of a challenge). We have a work around (as you can see on the lists on the left) it just needs to be applied to the right.

Both the Apartheid page and the Anti-Zionism pages need links to the home page. If the Anti-Zionism main page is to be used as a template for the other page in this section a link back to the anti-Zionism Resource Center is needed, maybe on the menu on the left. The right panel needs to change and be article specific, maybe with related article, or external links.

Finally ofcourse, more articles need to be filled in! Help with this last bit is welcome. Just find an article that is incomplete and start a new topic in the forums with your suggested content.

Site redesign

December 26th, 2006


A test page is currently being put together to replace the main page of Zionism On The Web.

The new teast page has much cleaner code behind it and is almost entirely marked up with CSS. This should not only make it fasted to update, but should also allow changes to the look of the site.

We have also included some google adds in the blogs and forums... this is unfortunatly needed as revenue from the existign adds was at about US$7 for the last 3 months and that comes no where near covering our costs. Donations via the button on the old main page will also help ofset the cost.

The blogs were hacked

September 8th, 2006

Once again the blogs were hacked. This time it was probably a fault at our end... it's should now be fixed.

The bombing of Beirut in perspective

July 30th, 2006


By Maurice Ostroff

Contrary to the impression created by the media, Israeli bombing of Beirut has been confined to only 1% of the city. The targets have been confined to Hizbollah terrorist command centers in the south.

In an article “As bombs hit south, life goes on north of Beirut” in the Washington times Betsy Pisik wrote

But just north of Beirut, business remains strong in the lush resorts of the nearby Shouf Mountains. Nightclubs in the Christian suburb of Jounieh still rock to '80s disco and '90s Eurobeat, and Lebanese who weathered the country's horrific 15-year civil war still sip arrack and eat hummus late into the night.

Beirut, once the jewel of the Middle East, is wobbling back to its feet even as the Israeli army and air force pulverize its southern region.

In the Hamra area, home to students and the campus of the prestigious American University of Beirut, more shops reopen and traffic grows heavier by the day. Hotels that emptied at the beginning of Israel's assault on July 12 are raising rates again, even though most of the guests are foreign journalists.

In the Achrafiyeh neighborhood, which is predominantly Christian and Sunni, streets are peaceful and increasingly busy. The fabled night life, with its restaurants and nightclubs, is likely to pick up again by the weekend.

But in the glamorously rebuilt city center, shops selling luxury brands are not just closed, but swept clean. Fearing air strikes, the owners have taken the diamonds out of Cartier

Washington Times, July 26 2006