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Supporting Zionism on the web

February 27th, 2007
Over the past month we exchanged a number of new links with organisation supporting Israel and Zionism, and well as with supportive bloggers and Jewish communities around the globe. Rather than simply providing a link to the Zionism on the Web home p… more »

Press Release: Expert Search to combat racism

January 15th, 2007
Expert Search to combat antisemitism and racism Press release from Zionism On The Web Author: Andre Oboler, CEO Using Google as a research tool on topics related to Jews, Zionism and Israel has problems and can lead to incorrect assumptions and the… more »

New Expert Search on Israel, Jews and Zionism!

January 8th, 2007
Yes, we finally did it! A way of filtering out all the nonsense that comes up when you search for Jews, Israel or Zionism in Google. Try our new Expert Search based on Google Technology but with human quality control. Try the search, add a link to… more »

New resource: Jew Watch profile & world control lies

January 8th, 2007
We continue to expand our Anti-Zionist collection with the latest new resource being a profile on Jew Watch and a page on the Jews control the world lies (inc. the Protocols of the Elders of Zion). Other pages in the section have also been redone, s… more »

New Antisemitism Resource Center

December 30th, 2006
We've launched a new Antisemitism resource center. This ties in with our forums on Antisemitism and new Antisemitism. more »