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Progressives vs. Realists

May 11th, 2014
The coffee was good, and the Chocolate Moose birthday cake was a delight as my friend and I discussed our world views. Being a psychologist he could not stop from asking many questions to discover my inner feelings. He finally burst, a rarity for him: “… more »

PA and Hamas Unity?

April 25th, 2014
We are approaching Yom Hashoa, the Holocaust Remembrance Day. Few German Jews wanted to believe that Hitler and the Germans would really exterminate them. “His hate was just propaganda for internal consumption.” Some are still closing their eyes to th… more »


April 11th, 2014
If Israel disappeared, will the inhuman turmoil in the Muslim world die down? Will Muslims of all denominations stop murdering one another in Syria? Iraq? Yemen? Egypt? Will the innocent civilians in fractured Libya have a moment of rest a… more »


April 3rd, 2014
Israel is an outstanding country not due to its amazing economic progress, $260 billions GDP, not for the amazing population absorption, starting with 600,000 Jews at its Independence, to 6 million today. Ten times! Not for the fact that while it was ab… more »


March 17th, 2014
Tel Aviv beaches are lovely, clean sands, gorgeous young ladies in bikinis sunning themselves and warm waters to swim. However, I was not interested in swimming. I wanted to enjoy the warm air and recall the many memories I have from this beach, from ne… more »