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Iran, the most crucial issue

June 5th, 2014
Nuclear specialists say Iran is very close to getting its nuclear weapons. With that the Middle East would be transformed into a tinder box. At best Iran could dictate its fanatic militant agenda to the region. At worse they could use it aga… more »

A note to a friend: Why Kerry failed and accused Israel

May 28th, 2014
Friend, It is very simple and does not require deep analysis. This administration is unaware of the real Middle East. They ignore the mentality of Arabs TRIBALISM- the murderous tendencies they have towards any one who is not in their tribe, o… more »


May 28th, 2014
Is Israeli blood different from European blood? Is Palestinian blood different from Syrian blood? Of course not. So why are we ignoring the worst current mass massacres in the world of innocent people in Syria? Some 160,000 civilians h… more »


May 15th, 2014
Three related events came to my attention recently that deserve note. 1. When Middle East Arabs were poled recently about what type of government they wish to have, the great majority, some 80%, said they wanted a government like the Israelis… more »

My friend Norman D.

May 12th, 2014
My lifelong friend Norman Dlin was a Mentch. Not because his dedication to honesty and kindness, not because he loved Israel and was a MACHAL (foreign volunteer) from Canada during Israel War of Independence. He was much more than all of these. He deepl… more »