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Anti-Zionist or Non-Zionist?

Here's the question: anti-Zionist or non-Zionist, is there a difference? The answer is yes. A Zionist is someone who supports the existance of a State of Israel as a Jewish Home Land (where Jews and others can live). A non-Zionist is one is not a Zionist. An anti-Zionist is someone who activly disputes the fact that Israel has a right to exist. Note that this is not the same as disagreeing with one or more Israeli government policies, it's more like supporting the President of Iran's calls to wipe Israel off the map. One can disagree with the actions of Israel as a state without being against the state's right to exist, and the right of the Jewish people to have their home land. Often though anti-Zionism is a mask for antisemitism and anti-Zionists will regurgitate antisemitic propoganda that was used in Nazi Germany, just changing "Zionist" or "Jew". Arguments against "the Zionists" as often supported by "evidence" from antisemitic propoganda such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or through classic antisemitism such as blood liable. There is a huge difference between speaking out against Israeli policy you disagree with and falling in with a racist crowd and adopting their arguments.

Anti-Zionism / Antisemitism?

Believing that human rights (such as self determination) do not extend to the Jewish people is Antisemitic. It's disturbing when people claim that the Jewish people do not have human rights based on a selective understanding of human rights themselves. Or perhaps it is the definition of human they exclude Jews from? For antisemitism there is always a loop hole, and in the end it is always the Jews who get blamed.

That's not the whole story though. While it is hard to be anti-Zionist with out being antisemitic (there are a few non antisemitic positions but these are quite rare!) it is quite possible to be antisemitic and but not anti-Zionist. Groups who want to kick all the Jews out of their own countries some times support the idea of sending them "home" to Israel. Such groups also support sending people who are Black "home" to Africa.

Types of Anti-Zionists

Please see the list of groups, websites and anti-Zionist arguments on the left for specific information.

Not all groups make all arguments. The arguments listed in detail here are mostly those which are antisemitic. This is because what ever your position on Zionism, everyone should unite against racism, and Antisemitism is the oldest hate in the world.

Once you remove the racist arguments, there are few decent anti-Zionist arguments left. Those that do remain either come down to religion, in which case who are you to try tell someone else what they should believe? I mean, how would Catholics feel if Jews started pointing out that the entire Christian calendar is wrong because one Pope made a mistake? Not just pointing it out, but setting up lobbies to change the Christian Calendar and campaigns against those who supported it. There are a group of Jews who believe all the other Jews have got it wrong... they are a tiny splinter group and while the general attitide is "well their beliefs are their business" soem of them do try and do everything they can to be in the lime light. Neturei Karta are the most extreme example and have been condemned even by the other anti-Zionist spliter groups.

The other argument is that Israel will never work and to try ask for equal rights for Jews to other people is to risk the displeasure of the nations Jews live in. Any such attempt would put the lives of Jews at risk. Instead Jews should integrate as best they can into the countries they live in, civilised European countries like Germany... this argument existed as a minority opinion in the Jewish world before World War 2 and the Holocaust. Hitler ofcourse proved that without your own state (like Israel) a minority is subject to the whims of the majority and at times that can be a disaster. This argument is ofcourse defunct for all but historic purposes.

That leaves the rest. Groups that are listed do not believe Israel has a right to exist, or activly work for measures to destroy the state of Israel. The list includes a number of websites with antisemitic material... as policy we do not link to antisemitic sites, but we will explain WHY they are antisemitic and what they are attempting to do. To work to a fair standard we use the European Commission's definition of antisemitism. This definition is used by law enfourcement across Europe.

What is amazing is that some people see the need for the Palestinians to have a state, yet can't see why the Jews need one. The Palestinians have mostly been integrated into other countries around the world. The exception being those who still live in the Middle East. In the Middle East only one country gave citizenship to Palestinians on its land. That country was Israel.

Zionism, the Middle East and Palestine

Other countries in the Middle East like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and Egypt refused to grant the Palestinians citizenship, despite the fact that only a few years before they were part of the same country. Most of them still treat Palestinains FAR worse than Israel ever did. Israel captured land from her neigbours after sabre rattling, military build up threats such as Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser announcement that "the armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are poised on the borders of Israel... behind us are the armies of Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan and the whole Arab nation. This act will astound the world. Today they will know that the Arabs are arranged for battle, the critical hour has arrived", lead to the 1967 six day war. Israel was left in control of land until such time as she could negotiate a peace settlement. The Arab states did not want to negotiate a peace settlement. The land was not empty. The people lived on it were Palestinians... a people the Arabs states had not granted citizenship to when they ruled over them and who Israel now had an obligation to look after. At first Israel tried to assist the Palestinain people, but the Arab states cried foul and complained to the United Nations that Israel was building infrastructure on land it was supposed to return to them as part of the peace settlement (which they were refusing to otherwise mention). While Israel has slowly been working towards the establishment of a Palestinian state (the main condition being that Israel too has a right to live in peace), other Middle Eastern countries still deny Palestinians and their children the right to work, gain citizenship or recieve government benefits.