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Source: Sid Ryan keeps digging, National Post, 7 January 2009

In Tuesday's National Post, we published an editorial criticizing the Ontario section of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and its leader, Sid Ryan, for their bigoted singling out of Israel for an attempted boycott. In the letters section of today's edition, Mr. Ryan attempts a rebuttal. His manner of argument only makes us more convinced that the CUPE Ontario leader, with his poisonous hatred of the Jewish state, is an embarrassment both to his union and to the labour movement at-large.

In his letter, Mr. Ryan defends himself by declaring that he is not the only one seeking to boycott Israel. UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk, the president of the UN General Assembly and a group of British academics, Mr. Ryan notes, have all done likewise.

Apparently, Mr. Ryan is too ignorant to understand that the authorities he cites only confirm our description of him. The UN General Assembly is a notorious printing press for shrill anti-Israel resolutions, most of them pro forma propaganda proposed by Muslim nations and their rogue-state allies.

Mr. Falk, in particular, is an unhinged hysteric who believes Israel harbours "genocidal tendencies," and who compares Israel's Jewish leaders to Nazis. As for that corps of left-wing British professors who can be depended on to slander Israel year after year, they have been denounced by academics in many countries -- including both Canada and the U. K. itself -- for their hateful, one-sided take on the Middle East conflict.

It is appalling to think that these are the people to whom Sid Ryan looks for moral direction. As we said yesterday:What a disgrace.

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