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The UCU Motions

Form the UCU Website
Source: Congress business section 5: International and European work

Timetabled: Wednesday 30 May, 15:45-17:45

28 - Policy on international greylisting and boycott (Transitional Arrangements Committee)

Congress endorses the policy on international greylisting and boycott in UCU/16.


29 - Academic freedom (Canterbury Christ Church University)

Recognising the unique importance of Academic Freedom to colleges and universities, Congress determines that:

1. any motion passed at this, or a future congress, that restricts academic freedom in any way, that motion will be put to a ballot of all members with a brief statement of arguments for and against before becoming, if supported, UCU policy;

2. any motion passed at this, or a future congress , that calls for an academic boycott of one or more colleges or universities outside of the UK, when such a boycott has not been requested by properly constituted and quorate branches of academic unions at those colleges or universities, that motion will be put to a ballot of all members with a brief statement of arguments for and against before becoming, if supported, UCU policy.


29A.1 - University of Brighton Grand Parade

Delete words of item 1 and substitute:'motions to Congress that might restrict academic freedom should only be submitted where intended to preserve a higher purpose;'Insert new clauses 2 and 3:'racist, sexist, homophobic and fascist views are incompatible with academic freedom;Congress reaffirms its role as the supreme policy-making body of the UCU;'In original clause 2, renumber as clause 4, and for 'passed at this or a future' substitute:'submitted to'In original clause 2, delete all after second 'universities', and insert: 'will only be considered after extensive debate in branches and associations has been organised and concluded. The NEC will facilitate speakers for such meetings on a regional and sub-regional basis.'


Middle East

30 - Composite: Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions (University of Brighton, Grand Parade; University of East London, Docklands)

Congress notes that Israel's 40-year occupation has seriously damaged the fabric of Palestinian society through annexation, illegal settlement, collective punishment and restriction of movement.

Congress deplores the denial of educational rights for Palestinians by invasions, closures, checkpoints, curfews, and shootings and arrests of teachers, lecturers and students.

Congress condemns the complicity of Israeli academia in the occupation, which has provoked a call from Palestinian trade unions for a comprehensive and consistent international boycott of all Israeli academic institutions.

Congress believes that in these circumstances passivity or neutrality is unacceptable and criticism of Israel cannot be construed as anti-semitic.

Congress instructs the NEC to


30A.1 - Community Education Lewisham

Delete third paragraph.

Fourth paragraph, after 'Congress believes that', insert 'while much criticism of Israel is anti-semitic'; after 'criticism of', replace 'Israel' with 'Israeli state policy', and after 'cannot', insert 'necessarily'.

Final paragraph, after 'Congress instructs the NEC to', delete first two bullet points

In third bullet point, after 'Palestinian', add 'and Israeli'

At end of fourth bullet point, add 'in line with Policy on International Greylisting and Boycotts, and EI policy'

Add new bullet point: 'Support direct links between education workers and UCU bodies in the UK, and Israeli and Palestinian trade union organisations.'


30A.2 - De Montfort University

In 3rd para between 'of' and 'Israeli', insert 'some elements of'.

In 3rd para between 'from' and 'Palestinian', insert 'some'.

In 3rd para delete the word 'all'.


30A.3 - College of North East London

At the end, add the following last bullet point, 'actively encourage and support branches to create direct links with Palestinian educational institutions and to help set up nationally sponsored programmes for teacher exchanges, sabbatical placements, and research'


31 - European Union and Israel (University of Birmingham)

Congress notes:

  1. That since the Palestinian elections in January 2006 the Israeli government has suspended revenue payments to the Palestinian Authority (PA), and the EU and US have suspended aid, leaving public-sector salaries unpaid and earning the condemnation of the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions;
  2. That Israel is seeking to upgrade its relations with the EU to the same level as Norway and Switzerland, permitting free passage of goods, people and capital, while denying these freedoms to Palestinians.

Congress resolves to campaign for:

  1. The restoration of all international aid to the PA and all revenues rightfully belonging to it;
  2. No upgrade of Israel's EU status until it ends the occupation of Palestinian land and fully complies with EU Human Rights law.


31A.1 - University of Birmingham

Under 'Congress resolves to campaign for:', add new clause 3 at end:

'3. A moratorium on research and cultural collaborations with Israel via EU and European Science Foundation funding until Israel abides by UN resolutions.'


31A.2 - University of Brighton Eastbourne

Add new clause at end:

'Congress instructs the NEC to encourage Branches/ associations to

  1. raise these campaigns in their Institutions and
  2. investigate the possibilities of twinning their Institution with a Palestinian University or College.'


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