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NUS response to UCU boycott vote

By NUS Press Office, 30 May 2007
Source: NUS response to UCU boycott vote

NUS response to UCU boycott vote

Responding to today's University and College Union (UCU) boycott vote, NUS National President Gemma Tumelty said:

“NUS does not support the principles behind an academic boycott of Israel. Such a boycott undermines the Israeli academics who support Palestinian rights, and hinders the building of bridges between Israelis and Palestinians. Retaining dialogue on all sides will be crucial in obtaining a lasting peace in the Middle East

International academics have a lot to offer higher education students in the UK and a boycott of this specific country is extremely worrying.

We will express our concerns to UCU and we are awaiting clarification from them on the exact nature of this policy and its potential impact on students and the academic community.”

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