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LSE Response

By The London School of Economics (LSE), May 31st, 2007 (updated 8th June)
Source: LSE Response to the proposal for boycott of Israeli academia

Proposal for boycott of Israeli academia

Page contents > Statement from The Russell Group on UCU motion on Israeli boycott | Background on LSE position

LSE Director Howard Davies said on 31 May: 'I fully support the view of the Russell Group that a boycott of Israeli academia would be contrary to the values of freedom of speech and freedom of academic inquiry that are essential to universities' missions.'

Statement from The Russell Group on UCU motion on Israeli boycott

The Russell Group of the UK’s research-intensive universities today (Wednesday 30 May) strongly condemned the motion passed by the University and College Union for branches to debate the Israeli boycott.

Professor Malcolm Grant, Chairman of the Russell Group and President and Provost of UCL, said: 'We reject outright the call for an academic boycott. It is a contradiction in terms and in direct conflict with the mission of a university. It betrays a misunderstanding of the academic mission which is founded squarely on freedom of inquiry and freedom of speech. Any institution worthy of the title of university has the responsibility to protect these values, and it is particularly disturbing to find an academic union attacking academic freedom in this way.

'The Russell Group universities will uphold academic freedom by standing firm against any boycott that threatens it.' http://www.russellgroup.ac.uk/2007/boycott.html

Background on LSE position

The School is aware that this issue is of wide interest. This is not the first call for a boycott of Israeli academia. The LSE Council has discussed previous calls and has not supported them on any occasion. Further details here.

Updated 8 June 2007 (posted 31 May 2007)

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