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UCU boycott of Israeli academics declared illegal

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Academic Friends of Israel - Press Release

By Ronnie Fraser, AFI, 29 September 2007
Source: AFI Website

Press Release, 29 September 2007

Academic cooperation rather than boycotts

The Academic Friends of Israel welcomes the UCU decision to put an end to its involvement with plans for an academic boycott of Israel that has plagued the union and its predecessors since 2003.

Ronnie Fraser Director of the Academic Friends of Israel commented:
"While we welcome the UCU's decision to take the academic boycott of Israel off the agenda we remain concerned that the UCU still intends to explore ways to implement the motion such calling for a moratorium on EU research and cultural collaborations with Israel. Another part of the resolution states that criticism of Israel cannot be construed as anti-semitic. This is contrary to the EUMC definition of antisemitism and we therefore call upon the General Secretary and the NEC to publically condemn this part of resolution 30."

He continued: "Six weeks ago the UCU refused to allow me as a member to see their legal advice. It is clear therefore that they have wasted everyone's time and effort since then and we would like to know why the UCU did not tell the world earlier that an academic boycott of Israel was illegal.

More academic cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian academics has to be the way forward on the road to peaceful coexistence. We in Britain can play our part and the Academic Friends of Israel with its partners in Israel and America will work towards improving and expanding the burgeoning links between UK, Israeli and Palestinian academics. Already 60% of British Universities have joint programmes and links with Israeli universities and our plans for the future include publicising and expanding existing UK-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian academic cooperation."

For further details, please contact Ronnie Fraser, Director of The Academic Friends of Israel, via email ( mail@academics-for-israel.org).

The Academic Friends of Israel

Email: mail [AT] academics-for-israel.org

P.O. Box 360

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