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This expert search is part of a Google Coop project. You can join the project and recommend sites for our search, or recommend that sites with mis-information be removed. If you are an expert in the area, adding your own site is most welcome. In fact, we'd welcome exchanging links with other experts as well.

Combat Racism

In the section below we explain why using the regular version of Google as a research tool on topics related to Zionism and Israel has problems and can lead to incorrect assumptions and the spread of racism. Helping to combat this is easy. You can do so by encouraging others to use our filtered search rather than standard google. You can replace the normal google search bar on your site with our expert search bar, or you can simply provide a button or a link to this page. Linking to us and other sites that provide factual information also helps tip the balance.

Regular Google's Problem

Searches for Zionism and on Zionism or Israel related topics tend to give rather nasty results. This is a result of a small number of antisemitic sites who work closely with each other, combined with a dose of far left anti-Zionism mixed with propoganda from Arab states. Take the case of a student doing a project on Zionism. Using the regular version of Google they are likely to "find out" that:

By using our expert search engine you filter out the racist sites, the antisemitic sites and the Arab propoganda. We give a higher rank to sites that factual, academic and from trusted sources. We also rank favourably those sites that provide solid arguments against the often repeated lies and hate speech.

Google works on an algorithm, without human intervention to check the sources and filter out the rotten apples, this algorithm treats David Irving's views on the Holocaust as equally valid to those of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Authority. Given that Irving was found by a UK court of law to be lying in his "Holocaust Research" and intentionally misleading the public (all this before he was jailed for Holocaust denial in Austria), and given that Yad Vashem is the leading authority on the Holocaust in the World... there is clearly something wrong with relying on Google's algorithm. A side effect of the algorithm is that minority opinions gets a nuch higher ranking. This is simply becuase there are less places people wanting to talk about these opinions can link to. the way the google algorithm works, 10 people all linking to each other makes those sites rank much more highly than 100 people each linking to 10 out fo the hundred sites.

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Learn more about this site at our Zionism Main page. Comment and add your thoughts to our Zionism and Israel discussion forums. See our Resource Centers on the British Academic Boycott of Israel, and the Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism Resource Center, and the special section on the Palestinian state. Learn more from our articles on Zionism in the commentary collection. Extend your learning through out links about Zionism or at our Zionism links directory.

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Recommended sources on Zionism

On the subject of Zionism we recommend the following sites:

Wikipedia article about Zionism - A comprehensive article including the history of Zionism as well as links to specific topics and articles about anti-Zionism.
Zionism - Table of contents at the Jewish Virtual Library
Zionism article at Infoplease
Zionism - Definition and Brief History - A balanced article that covers the definitions and history of Zionism as well as opposition to Zionism and criticisms by Arabs,  Jewish anti-Zionists.
Zionation - Progressive Zionism and Israel Web Log A community blog updated regularly
Labor Zionism - Early History and Critique - Contribution of Labor Zionism to the creation of the Jewish state, and problems of Labor Zionism in a changing reality.
Essential Texts of Zionism
Jewish Agency Zionism pages - Links to basic information about Zionism from the Jewish Agency
Ambassador Herzog explains Zionism in the UN

US Library of congress on Zionism
The US Library of congress has a comprehensive and balanced set of articles about Zionism:
Zionist Precursors - US Library of Congress
Political Zionism - US Library of Congress
Cultural Zionism - US Library of Congress
Labor Zionism - US Library of Congress
Revisionist Zionism - US Library of Congress

Zionism advocacy sites
Active Zionism - A Zionist advocacy site with many useful links
Realistic Religious Zionism - moderate religious Zionist Web site
Zionism- 100 Years - Selected Materials - Israel Ministry of Information

Recommended sources on Israel

Israel is a small, high tech, democratic country in the Middle East. It's capital Jerusalem is central to Judaism and highly important to Christianity and Islam. We recommend the following sites:

Wikipedia article about Israel - A comprehensive article including the history of Israel
Israel - Table of contents at the Jewish Virtual Library

US Library of congress & CIA World Fact Book on Israel
Main article on Israel - US Library of Congress
The Israeli Parliment (the Knesset) - US Library of Congress
Government and Politics of Israel - US Library of Congress
World Facts: Israel

Israel today - beyond the conflict

Virtual Jerusalem
Israel21C - A focus beyond the conflict
Beyond Images

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