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From: The National Postgraduate Committee (UK) 

Israeli Academic will address NPC conference to speak on academic freedom

6 April 2005 by Jim Ewing

Israeli Academic will address NPC conference - "Postgraduate frontiers: Pushing back boundaries" to speak on academic freedom.


  • In line with our policy against the attempted academic boycott of Israeli academics, NPC is please to announce that we WILL have an Israeli academic address us on the topic of academic freedom at this years conference.

  • Earlier this year NPC passed policy against the boycott and reaffirming that Israeli academics and students would be as welcome at our conferences and in our publications as anyone else.

  • Prof Gerald Steinberg is a Board member of the Bar-Ilan International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom (IAB), he is also on the conference organising committee for the upcoming international conference on Academic Freedom and the Politics of Boycotts (Jan 2006, Israel). He is a Professor of Political Studies at Bar Ilan University and directs the Interdisciplinary Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation. Middle East peace efforts and Israeli foreign and security policy are two of his specialties. He is featured frequently in (amongst others) the Jerusalem Post, the Wall Street Journal (Europe), The Financial Times, and on CBS News and the BBC. He will speak on academic freedom, the politics of boycotts and Israeli academia.

This years NPC conference "Postgraduate frontiers: Pushing back boundaries" will focus on internal, European and international boundaries to postgraduate education and academic research. The conference will be address by leaders in the higher education field including Teresa Rees (Rees Report & NPC Honorary President), Peter Williams (Chief Executive of the QAA), as well as representatives from UUK, HEFCE, UK Grad and Eurodoc (the European association of PhD and Postdocs).

The NPC Annual conferences aims to update postgraduate representatives, student union leaders & staff and graduate school administrators on developments in higher education as they apply to postgraduates. Training and a sharing of best practice is also included as well as the AGM for those staying for the full four day conference. All postgraduate students studying in the UK are entitled to attend the AGM on Saturday August 13th 2005.

For more information: http://www.npc.org.uk/npc 

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